The Bearded Chap Experience

Beards come in all shapes and sizes, from the Bondi Lumberjack to the tailored, trimmed and tidy. Some beards are so powerful they've been known to bring instan...

A Lqd Skincare Review

Lqd Skin Care is an Australian owned and made skincare line designed specifically for men who care about how they look and feel. The range is clinically develop...
Daneson Toothpicks

Style in a Vial – Daneson Toothpicks Review

Not so many years ago, I've been convinced that I was a muggle-raised Hogwarts prospect whose admission letter got lost somewhere in the owl postal service. If ...
Foreo Luna for Men

Good Vibrations – FOREO LUNA for MEN Review

About a year ago, I had been quite dissatisfied with my skincare routine. Not with the process itself (remember: cleanse, tone, moisturize), but even after swit...

Todd Sanfield Virgin Island Book Review

Photographer Kevin McDermott has teamed up with Todd Sanfield for a second time following the success of their sold-out first collaboration MOTEL HOTEL, to br...

Jiva Hot Chocolate Cubes

I stumbled upon this little treat while browsing the Discover section on Kickstarter. I personally am more of a tea or hot chocolate drinker, than I am one to r...