One of the great features of Instagram is the hashtags; whether you like #instahotties or #instagay, or #woofd, whether you fall for fresh faced twinks, college boys with a killer smile or the chesty and bearded, you’ll always find love on the hashtag.

A perfect butt, all beef and bubble, crafted from sweat and squats, has the power to stop conversation. More than a song, being all about that bass is a mantra to live by, and 10 of the best butts of Instagram are all the proof needed that cake is a treat you can eat all day.


  1. @matthewcamp

From the streets of New York, Matthew Camp has more bubble than even we know what do to with. Serve it up. 


  1. @renijacobs

Renato is all hair, bear and beefy goodness. We’ll take a double serve of that thanks.


  1. @Regret09

To steal the classic lyrics of Salt’n’Pepa, Regret09 “you’re packed and you’re stacked ‘specially in the back, Brother, wanna thank your mother for a butt like that”. That’s lunch covered.



  1. @darius_williams11

Darius brings it on all wrapped up… It’s like Christmas… or a birthday… and we all know the wrapping never lasts long. 


  1. @mister.kiki

This mister has party going on out back and it’s a Kiki you really don’t want to miss.


  1. @thesan_edin

They say that haggis is a classic Scottish treat, but Andres has treat of his own that’s worth crossing oceans to try. Don’t miss our interview with him and his partner about their brand Dark Room.



  1. @fordashian1

There must be something about the name Matthew, because Fordashian is the second one on our list serving up great bubble. 


  1. @iamnathandunlop

Nate says bouncing is what he does best. Coffee and hot butts in the morning always brings a bounce to the day. 

  1. @yosicupano

Yosi proves that you can look good and be smart at the same time. We’ll take this slice of afternoon cake in the library thanks. 

  1. @joshua_stpatricks_

With an instaphilosophy of keeping it sexy and making every day count, Joshua is living by his word. 


We know there are more than 10 butts that deserve some instalove, we’re already on the look out more of the best. Well, as soon as we lick these plates clean we will be anyway. Use #woofd to get our attention, or submit a butt here to be considered for our next list.


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