Summer is shining bright here in Australia and a lot of us stripping down to our sluggers and kicking back at beaches, parks, pools, backyards and rooftops all around the country. A tan is a cultural symbol of a summer well spent and day at the beach or poolside is the ultimate way to relax..(with boys bouncing around everywhere in their sluggers, it’s also great viewing).

The only thing that will ruin the day is sunburn. Even as I write this I’m slightly burnt from a day lazing at the pool, and I was sitting in the shade with my 30+ on.  The slight sting and heat radiating from my shoulders is one thing, but with skin cancers making up approximately 80% of newly diagnosed cancers in Australia each year, the risk of becoming part of that group is a much bigger concern..

Like most Aussie’s I know that even just tanning increases your risks of skin cancer, but if I’m honest that’s never stopped me living it up in Summer, I just do all I can to minimise my risks.

If left undiagnosed, skin cancer is fatal and as there is no cure for melanoma, funding skin cancer research is vitally important. Skin cancer is one of the most preventable types of cancer, yet skin cancer occurrence in Australia one of the highest in the world – one in five Australians will develop some form of skin cancer in their lifetime.

After his partner’s mother lost her brave battle with melanoma, James felt compelled to do something. With a primary goal of raising funds for skin cancer research, he also wanted to challenge attitudes about tanning and behaviours like mine – particularly in the gay community – and the SKIN Calendar was born.

The SKIN Calendar reminds us that, just like a hot ginger, you don’t need a tan to be sexy. With the help of a few friends, the calendar is a year full of sexy sunsmart boys stripped down to their Sluggers and SPF50+,  reminding us to protect our skin, all year round. Sun safety is a key message so there’s not a tan to be seen but well, gingers turn up the heat so….

Forget the cliched firemen and sweeping landscapes and head to to pick up your SKIN calendar and learn more about the project instead. Follow along on Instagram @SKINCalendar too.

100% of the profit from the SKIN Calendar sales go to funding skin cancer research in Australia. With an ambitious goal of raising $5000, you can get behind this great cause and help spread the important message of sun safety. If you’ve never had a skin cancer check, or don’t know how, visit your doctor and check out these tips from the Cancer Council.


The SKIN Calendar is proudly supported by Australian swimwear brand Sluggers, and there are still sponsorship opportunities available for any organisations wishing to support the project. For more information about sponsorship contact James directly –