If you’re a jock that like me, clothing is about being comfortable and accentuating my hard work. I’m a personal trainer and keep things simple by using bold colors with classic style. 🦄💪🏻 Here is some men’s fashion inspiration for my fellow gay jocks, winter to spring, gym to home, using some of my favorite outfits:


15. Red T-shirt, Jeans, White Shoes & Watch


14. Black T-shirt, Black Gym Shorts & Black Shoes


13. Blue Shirt, Navy Shorts & Green Shoes


12. Gray Sweater, Blue Jeans & Red Shoes


11. Blue T-shirt, Gray Fitted Sweatpants & White Shoes


10. Gray T-shirt & Blue Jeans

9. White T-shirt & Black Shorts with White Stripe


8. Cream Sweater, Dark Jeans, Brown High-tops, Beanie and Necklace


7. Fitted Blue Jeans & Black Jacket


6. Green Button Down Shirt, Fitted Blue Jeans & Brown High-tops


5. White T-shirt, Black Leggings & Watch


4. Black T-shirt, Fitted Camo Sweatpants & Elbow Sleeves


3. Khaki Shorts, Gray T-shirt & Socks


2. Speedo, Sunglasses & Watch


1. Jockstrap


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