Google Glass Gets a Makeover

There must have been a fashion emergency called on Google Glass, because they have gone and got a make over! Lead by Glass team’s lead industrial designer Isabelle Olsson, Goolge is helping make wearable tech stylish. Do you think these would match The Gloves? There are are currently four styles of Glass frames; curve, thin, split and bold. There are three styles of shades: classic and edge are new, along with active which came with the existing Explorer edition of Glass. Google says that they “looked at the industry and all the styles that people love.” They ended up choosing what they believe to be four iconic styles that would resonate most with a wide range of people.

Not only do they have four fresh new titanium frames to choose from, they also now offer prescriptions.

If we had a nickel for every time someone has asked about prescription lenses for Glass… well, we’d have a lot of nickels. So we want you to be the first to know that the Titanium Collection is here, with a handful of new styles for Glass so you can make it your own. Whether you wear prescription glasses or just want a new look, we’ve got four feather-light titanium frames designed just for you. And if you need prescription lenses and have vision insurance (such as VSP), your policy might even help cover your new frames. Explorers can access the Titanium Collection tomorrow afternoon, along with two new styles of twist-on shades. This is only the beginning, and we can’t wait to hear which style is your style.

Interested in getting your hands on a pair? Sign up for their Explorer program:

Nothing has changed how an Explorer gets Glass: either go to the Glass website at www.google.com/glass and click “How to get one” to join our interest list or be invited by a current Explorer to join the program. Second, if you’ve ever needed prescription frames then the process for getting Glass frames will seem very familiar and we’ve laid it out in more detail below.

In fall 2013, Google began slowly expanding the Explorer program and will continue to do that until the full consumer launch towards the end of 2014. It will cost you $225 for the frames, (however, Explorers should check their health benefits to see if they’re reimbursable) and the shades are $150 each. [ Gizmodo, cnet ]


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