Crash Land on ‘Andromeda’ in Mass Effect 4

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A whole new galaxy awaits for you to explore in Mass Effect: Andromeda’s distant star systems with remote and hostile planets ripe for discovery. In BioWare’s action-roleplaying game, you’ll meet new allies, confront new enemies, and explore fascinating new worlds. BioWare tries to make the heart of their games great stories that are timeless and last forever. Fans have bonded with amazing stories, characters and fun third-person shooter combat in the Mass Effect series. But unfortunately for those fans, BioWare fails deliver in one big epic crash landing.

“With Mass Effect, we are going further than ever before…to Andromeda, to build a new home for humanity.”

As BioWare started designing Mass Effect: Andromeda, the developers asked fans what they want and what Mass Effect means to them. The majority of the fans wanted to go somewhere new and experience new places and get to know new characters. While they has maintained links to the original Mass Effect trilogy, they kept the Commander Shepard trilogy separate from the new game, but are continuing with the interactive narrative approach as with previous games. The game was developed with the Frostbite 2 engine by BioWare’s Montreal team, who were behind the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3.

Unfortunetly, what this team delivered was a game filled with errors, confusing mod system, limited and repetitive multiplayer with no cp-op in a time when co-op loot based games like Destiny are thriving. The game launched with significant technical issues that were slowly patched over time. However, because the game was such a flop, the Montreal studio eventually dissolved and stopped supporting the game.

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, you leave the Milky Way behind and headed to Andromeda… via an arc. Every arc has its own team and every team has it’s own pathfinder; senior mission officers, experts in survival, diplomacy, and if that fails, combat. While you lead a squad around Andromeda, situated some 2.5 million light years from Earth, you have some pretty advanced technology and abilities to utilize. As you play, you battle with weaponry from an alien galaxy, and us a jump-jet, to evade and outmaneuver enemies with the power of telekinesis or “biotics”.

When you arrive in a whole new region of space, you are on a mission to find a new home for humanity. The world BioWare created is so vast, that you’re able to continue on into the horizon and find more experiences to enjoy.. that is if you’re able to figure out how to get there. The idea was that you could pick a planet, fly across the galaxy and see what you can discover. But the mechanics where unintuitive from the maps, to combat, to progression, to multiplay. In theory you can navigate the uncharted reaches of the Andromeda Galaxy to unravel its mysteries, discover vivid alien worlds, and lead the charge to find a new home among the stars. But instead you bare witness to awkward facial animations, drive in circles with your Mako, or unable to figure out how exactly to “unlock” access to these uncharted planets. If you’re still willing to give the fourth installment in the Mass Effect series a try, be sure to check out Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Started ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’.


Mass Effect: Andromeda is available on PC, XBox One, PS4 in three different editions, Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition and Super Deluxe Edition.




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