Deadpool 2: Snarkier, Funnier and Sweeter

Deadpool 2
Snarkier, Funnier and Sweeter
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Ryan Reynolds is back as our foul-mouthed anti-hero in Marvel’s highly-anticipated sequel to 2016’s hilarious Deadpool. The story, inspired by the comic books characters, has Deadpool teaming up with a group of rogue mutants, the eye-rollingly named X-Force, to protect a teenage boy with supernatural abilities from the time-traveling mutant, Cable, played by Josh Brolin, hot off the heels of his evil villain turn as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. (Apparently there is a shortage of actors eligible to play evil villains in Hollywood these days.) The energetic pacing and super fun soundtrack are definitely the hallmarks of director David Leitch (Atomic Blonde), but make no mistake – this film is all about Reynolds and his rapid fire string of belly laughs, amping up all the snark and audience-addressing humor of the original film ten-fold. Thanks to exceptionally clever writing (Reynolds was a co-writer) and a heartfelt story with some surprising (and some really gruesomely funny) plot twists, this is the rare movie sequel that improves upon a really good original. Stay a few minutes into the credits – you won’t want to miss the hilarious, script-flipping closing scenes.


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