Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated: Simply (And Surprisingly) Good

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Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated: In a shockingly candid and inspirational documentary, pop singer Demi Lovato explores how childhood bullying and loneliness sparked her desire to succeed and how she has done so despite a chain reaction of eating disorders, substance abuse and mental health issues. The film traces Lovato’s career as a Barney child star and Disney teen sensation to the present, highlighting how her demons have affected her relationship with first love Wilmer Valderrama and her music. But this isn’t all sadness and struggles – the documentary’s third act showcases the lighter, funnier side of Lovato in a way that will further endure her to her legion of fans, while giving those less familiar with Lovato a newfound appreciation for her enormous talent and vulnerability. This is an excellent, well produced documentary. A


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