Gaga: Five Foot Two: Why Our Pop Music Icon Stands So Tall

Gaga: Five Foot Two
Why Our Pop Music Icon Stands So Tall
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This Netflix original documentary goes behind the curtain to reveal the life of the iconic pop star Lady Gaga during the lead up to the release of her album Joanne and her wildly successful 2017 Super Bowl performance, showcasing her dedication, laser-sharp focus, self awareness and deadpan wit as she copes with grueling physical pain and emotional heartache amid an astoundingly hectic work schedule. Gaga’s monsters (i.e. fans) will absolutely love this film and will adore her endearing humanity even more as she strips down her insecurities and fears of loneliness for the camera. By the end of the film’s stronger second half, even those who aren’t gaga for Gaga will discover a newfound respect for this immensely likable and relatable artist whose dedication to her art truly makes her worthy of her iconic status. B+


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