Kong: Skull Island, A Mindless Assault On The Eyes

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Visual Effects

Kong: Skull Island: If you are in the mood to see some incredible visual effects and truly horrifying monsters, than this first installment of the latest reboot of the King Kong franchise is for you. If, however, you are seeking an actual story, look elsewhere, because this hot mess express is one of the worst written movies I have ever seen, with an exceptionally weak script, cartoonish character development and acting so poor it makes me want to take back Brie Larson’s Oscar for ROOM. This is not so much a film as it is an empty, glitzy, slow motion music video, surpassed in awfulness only by 2014’s Godzilla, which, guess what, was written by the SAME writer, who ALSO is writing the upcoming sequel, Godzilla vs Kong. (Effects and monsters: A, story and characters: F) C-


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