A Quiet Place Part II: More Monsters, More Thrills!

A Quiet Place Part II
More Monsters, More Thrills!
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The long-awaited sequel to 2018’s sci-fi/horror A Quiet Place has the Abbott family survivors fleeing for a new place to live after alien monsters invade their home. Directed by John Krasinski, the film also includes his character in an intense opening sequence flashback showing the start of the alien invasion.

Whereas its predecessor embraced the eerie stillness – and silence – of adapting to an unfamiliar situation, A Quiet Place Part II is more of a traditional sci-fi/action thriller, with lots of noise – and even more close-ups of dirty bare feet (does ANYONE in this family own socks?!) – as our family in peril tries to flee the alien monsters. Emily Blunt is, as usual, excellent. Cillian Murphy, introduced as a family friend in the aforementioned opener, plays a key role.

Fans looking for more of the monsters won’t be disappointed. There are lots of them. Krasinski injects tons of adrenaline-pumping, nail biting action into the story, which feels like a wilder continuation of the first, with serious vibes of The Walking Dead. Millicent Simmonds gets a bigger role too, as the deaf daughter determined to use her unique circumstances to save her family.


• Initially, the real life husband and wife duo were hesitant to do a sequel. Krasinski eventually offered only to write the story, later agreeing also to direct. Blunt agreed to the sequel only after hearing Krasinski’s pitch of the film’s bus scene in the opening sequence.

A Quiet Place Part II was supposed to premiere in March 2020 but was delayed multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, co-writers of A Quiet Place, did not rejoin Krasinski in writing the sequel’s screenplay. They are working on the sci-fi/thriller 65, due out in 2022.



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