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Iamamiwhoami “Blue” Album Review

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Artist: iamamiwhoami

Album: Blue

Release Date: November 07, 2014

From waltzing under the forest canopy to falling through the floors of a sterile urban dwelling, Swedish electronic act, iamamiwhoami, dives into the sea in their latest audio-visual installment, “Blue.” While this newest record may be the act’s most commercial work to date, nevertheless, it is just as enigmatic as the others and the messages they evoke are just as deep as the open water they now swim.

As the music unfolds on the opening track, Fountain, listeners are flooded with poetic sadness. The song is peppered with uncertainties yet through its mournfulness, the track still managed to sound soothing, comforting and meditative. On the other end of the spectrum, tracks like Vista and Chasing Kites embraces the “poppier” side of the act by boasting infectious celebratory beats and gargantuan pop choruses, making it hard not to listen to these two on repeat. They along with Goods from their previous album, Kin, completes Iamamiwhoami’s trinity of happy and danceable tracks.

Though the texturing of 80s synths isn’t exclusive to this track, on the other hand, no track on the album captures that fine 80s synth pop more perfectly than Hunting for Pearls that it may very well be considered a lost Depeche Mode b-side. As history has shown, Iamamiwhoami’s past albums have contained a track that seems to differ from the rest of the album, for instance, U-2 on Bounty and In Due Order on Kin. Deviating away from the melodious sound of the album, Ripple, an erratic and outlandish track, is Blue’s oddball.

Ever since Iamamiwhoami debuted this track during their November 2011 concert, fans have been thirsting to hear the studio version of this riddling tune. Fast forward to 2014, iamamiwhoami finally quenched their thirst and blessed them with a much more lush arrangements of the closing track, Shadowshow. Though still haunting, the new electro synth arrangement is worlds apart from the almost folksy nature of the live version.

As a whole the album saw the marriage between pop music and iamamiwhoami‘s ever perplexing nature. Blue’s captivating tunes may be oceans apart from their predecessors, but they are just as full of wonder and bewilderment as before.

Songs to Download: The Last Dancer, Chasing Kites, Shadowshow, Fountain, Hunting for Pearls

Rate 9.2/10


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