Lady GaGa’s ‘Perfect Illusion’

Lady GaGa’s ‘Perfect Illusion‘ is the first single off her new album Joanne that is set to be released on October 21, 2016, by Interscope Records and Streamline Records.

Read an interview excerpt where she discusses the song and its production.

“Me and Kevin Parker from Tame Impala, who I wrote the song with, and Mark Ronson and Bloodpop, we also talked about how the public views me as this sort of perfect illusion, and how it hinders my ability to have a human connection with them.”

“It’s a song not only about being upset that a relationship is over, but a song also about being upset and confused that it’s so hard to find a real relationship. And to find a real connection, because we’re living in a social media storm right now, where there’s so many augmented, filtered, perfect illusions around us that we can’t figure out what’s authentic and what isn’t.”

“For ‘Perfect Illusion’ in particular, this was really Kevin’s brainchild. He came in with the idea for a song called ‘Illusion,’ with a melody and a chorus and some lyric ideas. We changed the song, but it was his brainchild. We sat down — me, him and Mark — with a piano and a microphone and a guitar and a bass and we kind of broke through it section by section, and changed each lyric and melody to fit me and what I’m trying to say. We restructured the chorus to be something that I can relate to, and that I felt was important to say. For example, [I asked] ‘What kind of illusion? What’s the illusion that infuriates us all the most? What’s that word, that as soon as I say it, everyone’s going to know what we mean?’ Oh yeah, that thing where I’m so intoxicated by someone that I think that they’re perfect, but it [the relationship] just fades. And the self-anger that we have.”


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