10 Essential Corrs Tracks

The Corrs return after a 10 year break, and here are 10 essential tracks to refresh yourself or catch you up. The Corrs new album “White Light” is currently available across Europe & in Japan. USA release coming this Spring.

1. “Radio” (from Live In London DVD) 2002

This is absolutley my most favorite song of theirs. And this is probably also my most favorite recorded
performance of the track. The song 1st appeared on the “MTV Unplugged” album & later a fully produced studio version appeared on the “In Blue” album & became a hit.

2. “Dreams” (Tee’s New Radio Mix) 1998

This was probably their break through USA single. This is a cover of the Fleetwood Mac classic that 1st
appeared on a Fleetwood Mac covers compilation. It became a decent pop hit & of course got the remix treatment. This single and a later pop hit durned dance hit “Summer Sunshine” remain the only 2 Corrs vinyls ever pressed. The track officially appeared on The Corrs’ 2nd album “Talk On Corners” in 1997.

3. “Forgiven, Not Forgetten” (from Live At Royal Albert Hall) 1998

This was the band’s 1st single ever. This is a live performance recorded on St. Patick’s Day in London.
In case you didn’t know, the band is from Ireland. The song is from their 1st album of the same name.

4. “Breathless” (from In Blue) 2000

This single was HUGE. A massive international hit for the band. If you ever recall The Corrs in your brain at all, it’s probably because you saw this music video on VH-1 or MTV at the time. This was quite leaning towards a more radio friendly pop sound.

5. “Give Me A Reason” (Cutfather & Joe remix) 2000

Another example of them leaning towards a more pop oriented radio sound. This radio remix just takes it to the next level. I love the song & this is a fun mix & still manages to keep the traditional sound of the band.

6. “Somebody For Someone” (from In Blue) 2000

Here is a great example of how on an album produced for the radio friendly pop market, the band still found room for some meaningful songwriting & storytelling. I like storytellers. This is just a favorite album cut.

7. “Goodbye” (2006 remix) 2006

After the promotional & touring cycle for the last album of original material “Home”, demand for the band & their music internationally was still high.  “Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection” was released for the holiday season in 2006 & there was a new mix of this song (originally appeared on 2004’s “Borrowed Heaven”) done as well as a music video. This would be the final single released by the band until 2015.

8. “I Never Loved You Anyway” (from Live In London DVD) 2002

A fantastic break-up song that origianlly appeared on 1997’s “Talk On Corners”. This live version is a favorite.

9. “Long Night” (from Borrowed Heaven) 2004

Sticking with those love-lost themes, I simply love this song. I accidentally took a break from listening to the band & hadn’t realized this album came out. Not everything the did got a release in the USA. When I discovered this album had not only been released, but was produced by Olle Romo (Poe), I nearly freaked out. It instantly became one of my favorite albums of theirs.

10. “Only When I Sleep” (from MTV Unplugged) 1999

This was a single in 1997 from “Talk On Corners”. This MTV Unplugged performance was not aired in the USA, nor were the album or DVD & VHS (yes, I said VHS) releases. This song opens the set & is quite beautiful. This is a song that tends to take on different meaning when it is performed acoustic, in the studio, & in a full band concert.

Their new single ‘I Do What I Like’, taken from the album White Light has just been added to the A list on BBC Radio 2! Here’s a video of them performing the track at The Church Studios in London.

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