rego_v & dr.dmrdvn

24 of the Cutest Gay InstaCouples

There are countless gay couples that appear on Instagram, but the guys featured here have what it takes to get #woofd. They each caught our attention in different ways; weather it’s an adorable smile, exciting adventures, rippling six packs, inspirational thoughts or just the fact that they’re sharing their love for each other. Check these handsome guys pairing up and generally being too cute to handle.



@chsng_prfctn &  @alexander_messer
chsng_prfctn & alexander_messer


@thesan_edin & @djpjm1
Check out our interview with them about their brand Dark Room.
thesan_edin & jpjm1


@bj_ohyes & @s1mon_sayz
bj_ohyes & s1mon_sayz


@cschrier & @edwinfigschrier


@ptjoshb & @joeputignano




@kitwilliamson & @johnhalbach


@lamtuan88 & @aidenlore




@mitcharthur_ & @stewwallis


@treadtwin1 & @jlirettejr


@javsrivas & @jsullivann


@sir_aiva & @orezhatiras




@riccardo_model & @beauty_kdash




@aballie4 & @nbaragona




@frangieandjbo & @jeffreyboquiren


@robertguaderrama & @nicolaas_ii


@doninyc2mia & @giannantoniom

@ebradley_co & @dr.jonathan.leary




@jayetothekaye & @jakeresnicow


@rego_v & @dr.dmrdvn
rego_v & dr.dmrdvn


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