Why You Should Eat Before Working Out

People often like to workout in the morning before breakfast, but that means that the body may have had no fuel since dinner the night before. So, you get up, get into exercising, and the blood sugar plummets. You feel nauseous and weak. It’s better to have a light breakfast, preferably some lean protein and/or complex carbohydrates with a little healthy fat. These foods will keep you going for a while. Another scenario might be the person who goes to class right after work and before dinner. There’s no time to eat and no fuel for those working muscles. In this case a light snack or sports bar could do the trick. A Word to the Wise: eating or drinking too much and trying to exercise can be equally uncomfortable!



Working out and exercising while hungry will cause more than just muscle weakness.

Failing To Fuel

Working out and exercising while hungry will cause more than just muscle weakness. By failing to fuel the body before a workout routine the body will begin looking for energy sources to burn from during the workouts. When this happens, the body’s primary choice for energy is amino acids. Amino acids are readily converted into glycogen in the absence of carbohydrates, through a process called gluconeogenesis. Whether these amino acids come from your muscle tissue, your muscle growth is going to be hindered, resulting in the sabotaging of your fitness goals. This is why neglecting to eat before a workout is destructive. Planning and structuring a diet to include a pre-workout meal is crucial in maximizing the effectiveness of the workout.

Stay Hydrated

While we are on the topic of food, I can’t stress enough the importance of being well-hydrated when you exercise. Moderate types of exercise, like Pilates, rarely require all the glucose and sodium that one finds in sports drinks. However, a healthy dose of water is essential. Dizziness and nausea are both symptoms of dehydration.












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