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An Interview with Bryan Hawn

Bryan Hawn is an independent recording artist who has been releasing music videos over the past decade under his own label B. Hawn Publishing. He has been making his mark on pop music as a songwriter and vocalist. If you haven’t heard his music, you probably have seen his face. Bryan Hawn is an international fitness icon featured in various advertising campaigns. He has been signed with several modeling agencies, including, Click, Benz Models, and Wilhelmina. Bryan is also a world-renowned Animal Behaviorist. He has also released a fitness book titled, “The List” (What the Top Fitness Models Don’t Want You to Know), exposing the secrets of the industries top physiques. “The List” has recently top the charts as one of the best selling E-books, naming Bryan Hawn a Best Selling Health & Fitness Author. Get to know him a little better in my interview with him.

Hey Bryan, how are you doing today? You do a lot of covers on YouTube and are usually showing off your body in some sexy underwear. What is your inspiration/reason for these?
My intention to comically make fun of how the gay community is so self-obsessed with the physicality of our bodies. It’s hilarious how much its glorified, so my character is an exaggerated version. The funny part is… its so common that people don’t even realize its a joke. Even though the title says parody, people think that is the real me. lol I also use it a viral machine to sell fitness books, videos, and subscriptions.

Well I love your sense of humor! What kind of comments and fan mail do you get from that type of content?
I think my goal is not the type of reaction, but more that a reaction exists. As long as people feel something they will be likely to share it. I get everything under the sun from marriage proposals to bitterness and jealousy. lol It’s amazing how a simple YouTube video can affect somebody so much, and create such a variety of responses. It’s made me realize that what people say is more a reflection of what’s going on inside of them than what they are watching or talking about. We are all subjectively projecting. Happy people make happy comments. Miserable people make miserable comments.

Do you have any dream collaborators or someone you’d love to make a cameo in one of your video?
James Marsden is my favorite actor of all time. He would be pretty awesome to work with.

You have a great physique and are known for your bubble butt. What do you to stay in shape?
My books THE LIST & THE LIST 360 are available on my website at BryanHawn.com The LIST 360 contains all of my workouts including the ones for a bubble butt and my diet plan.

Any tips for those trying to get a bubble butt like yours?
yes they are all in the book 🙂

How many different workout routines do you have? Where can we check them out?
they are in the book 🙂

What are your favorite muscle groups to workout? Or do you do full body?
I don’t really have a favorite. I equally hate to workout all of them. lol, but I show up everyday cause I want to be my best.

HA! Appreciate the honesty. So you’re a fan of the results, not so much the process?
Correct! I’ve never caught myself saying, I can’t wait to pick up that big ass weight. Lol

You’re on OnlyFans. What kind of content do you share there that isn’t on YouTube?
YouTube is very fickle about what it allows and what it doesn’t. I use OnlyFans to show sexy videos that YouTube would take down. There are many factors that determine whether nudity is ok or not ok. It’s not just the physicality of what you see. It’s the intention of the video, the location, and the amount of time focused on a nude body part that will determine whether it gets blocked or not. OnlyFans is my platform to share sexy videos with zero fear of getting blocked.

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What about on the VIP section of your site? What’s different?
My VIP section is filled with Youtube Videos that have been blocked and banned over the years for various reasons. This way fans can still appreciate them.

Would you ever do porn?
No. I’m happy that you are asking that question cause that gives me confidence that I have not crossed that line. I have no desire to go that far on camera at least not publically. hahaha

You also have a few albums out. Tell me about them. Anything new planned for the future?
I started singing my parody covers cause Youtube was blocking me from using the original recording of the artist. So I decided to sell them on Itunes too 🙂

Are you single? What is your type?
I like Muscle boys. I am in a relationship with my Youtube costar Vlad Parker. He is a champion bodybuilder from Russia.

Tell me about your new series called, “Broscience”.
It’s a hilarious show I started with my boyfriend Vlad Parker. Sidenote: He’s a real boyfriend, not the kind that still has sex with everyone too. lol So to any viewers out there, please no need to inquire about threesomes, or mistake us for a 2 for 1 deal, or proposition us individually for sex, We are happily off the market. But the show gives hilarious tips and secrets uncovering the science behind “how to be a bro”. Two guys in their mind thinking they are super masculine and straight, while in reality doing the gayest things. lol

I was wondering who he was! That’s awesome. Where did you guys meet? How long have you been together?
We met on Instagram. He lives with me and is my full-time costar in my BroScience Series

Do you have guys have more videos together planned?
We plan on doing a lot more episodes.

Where is the best place to follow you and keep up to date?
Instagram is the platform I am the most active on @BryanHawnOfficial. And I try to upload to YouTube 3 times a month doing a professional video.


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