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How to Make Him Feel Loved & Special

Once we’re out of the dating stage and you’ve entered the relationship stage, the one mistake couples make is starting to take each other for granted. They’re there, we’ve won them over and now the chase and the part where we have to impress them and pamper them is over, right? Wrong! If you love someone, you need to make them see it every day. Not to sound corny, but when you love someone, you will make darn sure they’re aware of just how much they’re worshiped and adored every single day. Aside from the ‘I love you’, and asking about how their day was, going the extra mile to make your boyfriend feel special and appreciated is what keeps the romance alive. So, what is it that you can do for the one you love and put him on a pedestal every so often? Stay tuned and find out.

Never be too tired
Ok, this may sound a little scary, but trust us, it’s not. In relationships, no matter how compatible the two of you are, there are bound to exist certain differences in your likes and interests. Still, if you don’t like a certain band, movies with subtitles or an art exhibitions, and your SO does – be supportive of their interests, bring your glasses and go see the darn foreign movie. Love is compromise and support, and most of all, spending quality time together. You may not be excited and thrilled by the same things he is, but humor him, and in return, he will show interest in the things you like. Support is a gift that keeps on giving, so never be too tired to show up for him when he needs you.

Make it all about him

Every now and then, every guy needs to feel like a king. We’re not saying that every single day should entail you doing the song and dance, but sometimes it is all about him. Think of all the things he loves and throw him a day custom-made for him. It can be anything really; picnics at the beach or a park, a romantic bath, his favorite home-cooked meal, movie night – think of all the things he loves and pack them all into one special day.

The birthday
Ok, this is a test you should never allow yourself to fail. Most people will tell you that they don’t want to make a big deal out of their birthday, but more often than not, they mean the opposite. They just want to be nice and make it seem like they don’t want you to go through any trouble, but in reality, they want to be celebrated, and you should want to celebrate them too. After all, this is the day your loved one was born and special attention must be paid.

However, most people get stuck on just throwing a party, but this should be a day of all-round pampering. So, the first thing to do is to book him a home massage so he can relax and unwind – simply kick the day off on a great note. After that, you can go to brunch, take a walk, make a day of it. Only after a full day of fun and pampering is it time for a grand party (preferably a theme one) to celebrate the man you love in the grandest of ways.

Be open to experiments

Great sex can’t save a bad relationship, but bad sex can certainly ruin a good one. Sex is highly important in a relationship, and it’s vital to talk about your fantasies and preferences. Even if your sex life is good, we all know there is always room for improvement. Therefore, it’s essential that you have an open and honest conversation with your partner about their secret kinks, fantasies and things he would like to try. Of course, there are boundaries and you shouldn’t do everything he wants if some of the things on the list are way out of your comfort zone. With other ‘items on the menu’ there’s always room for negotiation, and who knows, you might end up hooked on something you’ve never tried before he came along.

Build him up
One of the key elements of a successful relationship is support. There are times when your boyfriend will be out there conquering the world, and you’ll be his biggest cheerleader. Still, everyone hits a rough patch and it’s essential to be there for him when he’s down and out. Reassure him, remind him of how great he is at what he does, build his confidence – be his shoulder and his rock. One of the times people truly feel loved is when you’re able to love them even during their darkest moments.


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