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Discover What You Love

Listen To Yourself

Your gut will always guide you. Find ways to renew yourself. Drop your body’s limitation’s at the shoes upon your feet. Some of people suggest mediating or doing yoga. As you go about your day to day life, focus on positive thoughts and listen to your intuition to discover what you truly love. Find ways to be creative in your life and don’t let stress sidetrack your focus.

Make It Work

Elizabeth Gilbert, who gained fame from her memoir Eat, Pray, Love, sits down with Oprah for a recent episode of Super Soul Sunday. In Liz’s book, she chronicles the journey of self-discovery she took through Italy, India and Bali after ending a serious relationship. During the hour long interview she address finding your own unique ways to make you dreams happen.

“For years, years, women have come up to me and said some variation of this: ‘I would love nothing more than to do what you did, to drop everything and run and to go on a quest and to travel around the world and find my true self, but I can’t because I have A, B, C, D, E obstacles,'” she says. “I’ve struggled over the years to figure out how to answer that when they say, ‘How can I go on my quest when I’m in that situation?’ Which is most people, to be honest.”

Elizabeth shares a story from a a book signing in Washington, D.C. of how a single mother of five finally made her dreams come true. Should you start making your plan today?

Be Creative

Brene Brown, a grounded theory researcher, says that coming up with the words that explains what she’s finding in her research, that will capture the minds and the hearts, is hard. During this interview she discusses being creative and suggests only take advice from people who are also putting themselves out there. However, when you don’t care what anyone thinks you lose your capacity for connection and to be vulnerable, and it changes who you are.

“When we stop caring at all what people think we lose our ability to connect. When we’re defined by what people think we lose the courage to be vulnerable. … Art captures what we all experience and lets people know they’re not alone.”

Dr. Brown proposes that we only take advice from people we respect. Brene suggests getting a small piece of paper, 1″x1″, and on that paper put the names of the people that actually matter to you. This allows us to be more vulnerable and cultivate creativity.

Ignore Adversity

Are you stressed? Kelly McGonigal shares a story of how she was teaching that stress makes you sick,  but now her studies show to look at stress as something that isn’t harmful. Changing how you think about stress can make you healthier. Don’t let stress overwhelm you. Turns out ChiChi had a point in Too Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything Julie Numar when she commands, “ignore adversity!”

“Changing how you think about stress can make you healthier.”


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