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It’s Mardi Gras time here in Sydney Australia, and for many of our locals and visitors that means a hectic social schedule, that we locals somehow have to fit around work, gym and Real Housewives of Sydney night. Wine tastings, parade rehearsals, pool parties, underwear parties, bar crawls, late nights, woofs,  grinds, forgotten names and long days; it’s all fun and fabulous, until the sleep deprivation kicks in and you accidentally use your toothpaste as hair putty and find something that looks like a drunken Wallaby staring back at you from the mirror.

Sleep might be something we’re short on at this time of year, in all honesty I could always use an extra hour or two, but there’s a couple of simple things that will keep you looking morning fresh, even after midnight- Hydration and a great skin care routine.

Hydration is easy, grab a water bottle… and drink. If nothing else water will dilute last night’s vodka and help kill the hangover. To try and crack the magic of great skin care we are putting  a new men’s exclusive brand Black Leopard to the Mardi Gras test. With a mantra of “Care from Work2Play” we are trying the 3 product Face Pack to see if it lives up to the promise.
10 days in to using Black Leopard and it’s the morning after a 3am stumble in the door. I’m in my (blurry) morning shower and reach for step 1 of the pack, Black Leopard’s Hydrating Face Scrub. Hints of bergamot, lime, tangerine and macadamia give this scrub a distinct masculine, refreshing presence. Made from black rice it’s also a little softer on the skin than some other scrubs, but still washes away the layer of nightclub and vodka blurr. The unique scent lingers nicely – the scent of men really is a great way to wake up.

I feel fresher, but my mirror laughed at me when I asked “who’s the fairest of them all,” so let’s see what magic the Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream can do. The cream is a little oilier than what I’m used to but it’s absorbed easily and does leave my eyes feeling nourished, so I feel better for it.

While I’ve been using the eye cream for a couple of weeks I’m not expecting wrinkles to disappear but my skin does feel soft and healthy.. and the mirror has stopped laughing at me when I ask the question, so that’s a win.

The Anti-Shine Mosituriser is my stand out favourite of the three products. Firstly it smells like a day spa so I’m taken back to memories of facials and that hot massage therapist (um, I mean massages) every time I apply it. Like the eye cream it’s a little heavier than I’m used to but is absorbed quickly, so this isn’t an issue for me at all. The day spa scent also lingers slightly, which I find relaxing and calming as I rush to get ready.  

Black Leopard    Black Leopard

The Black Leopard range feels like it lasts and nourishes all day, which is great considering the test conditions of podiums, martini glasses, unfamiliar pillows and sunny days without sun glasses to hide behind. Even after a couple of weeks of Mardi Gras madness, I’m still looking and feeling fresh and, in spite of the vodka diet, my skin still has a healthy glow.

The unique masculine scents of the Black Leopard range that faintly linger also mean that I really can claim #mascformasc now. #lifegoals

Black Leopard is a skin care range developed exclusively for men who want the best, by men who understand. With its sleek packaging and bespoke scents, the father and son team behind the brand balance masculinity and beauty perfectly, creating a sleek, unique and effective skin care regime.

Woofd and Black Leopard were bought together for this review by Wink Models and The Right Fit.  


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