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An Australian owned and made skincare line.
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Lqd Skin Care is an Australian owned and made skincare line designed specifically for men who care about how they look and feel. The range is clinically developed to withstand the pressures of an active urban lifestyle, slow down the aging process and improve the look and feel of your skin. Because we always want to look our best at woofd, we decided to put this Aussie range to the Atlanta city life test.

The Lqd FACE scrub is the first product in my morning ritual. While using this product I could feel the daily build up washing away, and afterward my skin was extremely clean and almost glowing. It’s made with both mechanical and chemical exfoliating ingredients, so it has a bit of a chemically scent, but you know that’s just the good stuff working it’s magic.

The second product we’re using is the aloe-based Lqd FACE wash. It has a pure, natural scent that left my skin feeling fresh and clean. I was starting to feel ready to face the day in style, but not before shaving.

The non-foaming Lqd FACE shave cream is thick, so you know it’s going to be soft and moisturizing. I was worried it would clog my razor, and my skin is pretty sensitive, but thankfully the shave was as smooth and clean as my skin afterwards.

The packing alone for their calming serum, appropriately called calm, is gorgeous! The product itself, feels great, and helps red or irritated skin. It’s suggested to treat all kinds of skin issues, such as acne, razor burn, sunburns, ingrown hairs, eczema, and rosacea.

Then it was on to the moisturizer. Lqd FACE hydrate won Men’s Health Grooming Award for Best New Moisturizer in 2014. It contains all kinds of great ingredients for your skin, such as vitamins C, E, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Witch Hazel, Chamomile, Rosehip Oil, and Shea and Cocoa Seed Butter. My face felt like new after using it, and I could really feel those great ingredients turning back time on my aging skin.

Saving the best for last my favorite product is the EYE restore, which is promoted as a topical alternative to Botox. It targets those dark circles, bags, puffiness and fine lines around the eyes. It really works and I swear a look a few years younger because of this magical product.

So, does the best of Australian skin care stand up to the busy Atlanta lifestyle? Overall, Lqd skin care is a uniquely masculine collection of award winning products that delivers exactly what they promise. The products are packed with antioxidants and anti-irritants that help your skin feel clean and rejuvenated. If you’re skeptical, Lqd has you covered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I’m feeling younger, fresher and ready to face the day in style, so I think these boys from down under have a winning style!

To see the whole LQD Skin Care range, and find the best products for your skin visit www.lqd.com.au


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