A Lüb Lube Review

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A Lüb Lube Review
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silky smooth
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Lüb Lube was designed by gay men, for gay men. It is a high-quality silicone blend with only 3 ingredients, with each bringing a unique property to the product.! It does exactly what it says on the packaging. Formulated by model and luxury home contractor Scott Cullens after years of trial and error to create the best sexual lubricant on the market today. A little goes a long way here! This is a lubricant designed with staying power for sex in mind, you only need to apply once so you can focus on the pleasure. Lüb stays velvety and slick whether you’re playing alone or with others.

It’s ultra-slick + smooth, and never sticky which makes for a very great experience and enhances the pleasures of intimacy. The uniquely designed formula feels the same on the last thrust as it does on the first. Perfect for anal sex, from beginners to seasoned pros. With a long-lasting formula so you only need to apply it once. This personal lubricant is designed specifically for anal sex. You won’t want to use anything else, the lube will melt into the background so you can focus on what matters. It’s like liquid satin, it’s just going to slide in.

Lüb has no harsh chemicals, perfumes or dyes. Lüb is pure so you don’t have to be! This scent-free, balanced silicone-based lube compliments the body’s natural lubrication and enhances the pleasures of intimacy. It is Latex and Polyurethane safe. Lüb is suitable for use with all areas of the body and all kinds of sexual experiences. Great for fun in the shower, pool or sea while leaving no trace of scent or flavor. Lüb is an intimate silicon oil-based liquid designed with gay sex in mind- this anal lube will make backdoor sex easier, hotter and more pleasurable. Wanna Play?



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