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A Solid State Cologne Review

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Sometimes size matters. Imagine you don’t have to worry about breaking an expensive bottle of cologne in your luggage or fitting it into these ridiculous size restrictions. Traveling with solid colognes is just one of many gambits to keep your liquids at a minimum when exploring the world.  From Lush to Loccitane, more and more companies are starting to offer this alternative way of carrying your beloved scents . Solid State Cologne is an Australian brand that offers three unique scents for men – and I was offered to test one myself.

The Scents

Solid State Cologne comes in three available scents:

  • The Journeyman features citrus top notes of mandarin, a cedar wood base and a rich blend of spice.
  • The Wayfarer is a cologne suited for the evening, featuring top notes of tobacco leaf, tonka bean, vanilla and cacao immaculately blended with a spicy fruit and wood base.
  • The Voyager  features an astute blend of labdanum, nutmeg, ginger, sandalwood, patchouli and mint with dapper notes of jasmine, grapefruit, citrus, vetiver, cedar and pink pepper.


Solid State Colognes contain natural ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, parfum and wax. I’ve tested The Voyager and I find the scent from the cologne subtle and not overbearing. Since these scents are wax-based, they are obviously not going to last as long as regular cologne. Nonetheless, the scent of my solid cologne lasts about 5-6 hours. Thus, once you’ve applied the cologne to your pulse points, it should last your day at the office.


Well…sometimes size matters. Being pocket-sized, Solid State Colognes fit everywhere from blazer pockets to jam-packed suitcases. Surprisingly, this handy little fella is quite long-lasting. I’ve tested this cologne for three weeks straight and I still have most of the container left. So apart from being so small, one container might accompany you for a few months.


All scents retail for 35 AUD which should be around 22 € at the moment. This is way less than what I usually pay for my colognes so I feel this is great value worth its money

Bon Voyage

Solid Cologne



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