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Sweater // H&M

Pants // H&M

Shoes // Zara

I am finally jumping onto David Beckham’s bandwagon. Partly, I blame online shopping for not having had H&M’s Essentials selected by David Beckham on my radar. However, as you all may have heard by now, the Swedish retail giant and British style icon have collaborated once again. Their Spring/Summer 2016 collection launched mid-February promoting light summer classics, robust denim pieces and modern wardrobe staples with a contemporary twist. The collection’s color palette embraces solid greys, blacks and nudes which probably flatter every sun-deprived and spring-awaiting mug, even you! 😉

And most of the collection is pretty affordable, too.

I don’t even recall the initial reason for entering the H&M store. I didn’t want to buy anything, that’s for sure but haptics and textures sold me on these pieces. The sweater is a minimal lightweight cotton sweatshirt with a crinkled finish. I suppose, it sort of was love at first sight but once I have felt this fabric…there was no going back.

The pants are a hybrid between tailored pleat-front trousers and textured sweatpants. And it really works both ways. This is a rather casual outfit, but if you follow me on Snapchat (@hisurbanesprit) you might recall that I’ve combined these pants with a “fancier” button-down as I was about to see Aladdin – The Musical (it was incredible by the way).

Thus, the term “Modern Essentials” probably hits the nail on its head.

David BeckhamDavid BeckhamDavid Beckham

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