#UrbanConfessions: 5 thoughts guys have when being on Instagram

Yeah, you’ve heard correctly. If you’ve read The Telegraph or any other newspaper you know that recent research suggests that Facebook affects our brains in a similar way to taking cocaine. I know, let it sink in while I am wondering whether we can apply those findings to other social media? If so, then I am certain that Instagram will qualify as digital crystal meth for fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

We probably spend more time scrolling down our Instagram feed than we’re supposed to. We are checking out those way too handsome fellas in way to well-fitting designer clothes, wondering how long it would take until we’re having this fancy party on a yacht. Ohh well…

So here are some thoughts we all have (please don’t let me be the only one 😉 ) when we’re on Instagram.

#1 I get it. You went to the Gym today. Twice!?

I mean, I don’t mind that you – apparently – spend your life at the gym. Feel free to bring a pillow. I suppose I am just frustrated that I seemingly cannot manage to squeeze your daily workout routine into a week of mine.

#2 You go out to lunch and dinner like…every day?

Apart from the fact that you ripped creatures are regularly indulging in burgers and french fries, I wonder: do you even own a kitchen?

#3 Nope, no #transformationtuesday for me. I am good, thanks.

Well, surely I could be part of #transformationtuesday, but if I was to participate I would be like “This is me last year…and this is me today. Plus 8 pounds #reversedtransformationtuesday”.

#4 Did I just post that?

You’ve edited your picture on various photo editors (and removed a pimple before blurring your skin a little – don’t worry, we all do it) but after having posted your masterpiece regrets are slowly crawling up. Well, perhaps you’ll just remove the picture and post a picture of your well deserved beer instead.

#5 Can I really use this hashtag?

You’ve seen them around, I mean…some of these hashtags are audacious. #perfectblogpost #Iamthebest

#Bonus: Perhaps. I should move to L.A., too.

I know you had this thought…don’t even pretend you didn’t think of moving to the sunshine state. But you know what: I am in! Let’s move together and drink green smoothies all day while working out at the beach. Who wouldn’t give in into this addiction #norehabforus #lifegoals


This article originally appeared on HisUrbanEsprit.com.

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