Pilot – The Translation Earpiece

Being lost in translation has happened to everyone while traveling and that’s exactly how the idea for Pilot was born. Pilot is the world’s first smart earpiece language translator and has raised over $4 million in crowdfunding on IndieGogo.

“Intended for the Traveller, International Professional and Digital Nomad, the Pilot includes a second earpiece for wireless music streaming and a mobile app, which toggles between languages. For us it’s a dream of a life untethered, free from language barriers.”

Using the latest technologies in speech recognition, machine translation and the advances of wearable technology, Waverly Labs’s smart earpiece allows wearers to speak different languages but still clearly understand each other. Simply put, when one person speaks, the other hears it in their language. Science fiction has called it many things, but they call it Pilot.


When both people each wear the earpiece, the smartphone app will use a combination of speech recognition, machine translation and voice synthesis to take someone’s speech and translate to the other person. Everyone in the conversation should wear a Pilot earpiece to translate with each other. If someone does not have an earpiece, they can use the smartphone app which is included.

Pilot only translates with people who also have the earpiece or app. Although this first generation does not translate everything happening around you, future generations will be developed to do just that. Additionally, the app can be used as a loudspeaker for conferences and it comes with an additional earpiece for wireless streaming music and an accompanying app. The Pilot translation kit can be ordered through the Waverly Labs website.


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