Frequently Asked Questions about Woofd

What is Woofd.com?

Woofd® is men's lifestyle website maintained by a pack of volunteer Contributors from all over the world. See the About page for more information.

What's Trending?

You can view our popular articles on the Trending page at woofd.com/trending. You can also see what's trending in the top menu of the desktop and tablet versions, and in the bottom footer of all versions. 

Can I get a shoutout?

We only directly shoutout our #Woofd Contributors and Brand Ambassadors on our social media channels. 

There are a few options if you’re looking for a shoutout.

• Add #woofd to your posts on Instagram and DM us.

• Join our Facebook Group and share your pics there. 

• Grab some gear from our Shop and send us a photo.

We will likely exchange retweets with you.

• Join our team of Contributors to be featured on our official social media channels. 

How much does Woofd cost?

All the services Woofd offers are free. Just our merch costs, and sales go to support the site.

Where can I get some Woofd gear?

Browse our merch at woofd.com/shop

How can I become a Brand Ambassador?

By joining our pack of Contributors or showing your support by grabbing some of our gear and sending us a pic. Send us a DM on Instagram or use the Contact page for more information.

How can I contribute to Woofd.com?

Check out the Submit page for the details.

What is the Woofd Community?

A Facebook Group for gay men from all over the world to network, share and chat. Learn more on the Woofd Community page.

How do I contact Woofd?

Use the Contact page to send us a message or the Submit page if you want to collaborate. We also like when you slide into our DMs.

How do I contact individual team members?

Through their social media.

Who runs Woofd.com?

Check out the pack at woofd.com/about

How can I support Woofd?

Grab some gear from our shop. All profits go to support Woofd.com.

• Woofd is open to a variety of collaborations, sponsorships, advertisements and partnerships. Use the Contact page to ask us about them.  

• Our volunteer pack of contributors also accept personal donations. 

Where can I read all the fine print?

Get more information on Woofd by reading the About page and reviewing our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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