Teamm8 Underwear, Bulging and Bouncing in all the Right Places

Teamm8 Underwear, Bulging and Bouncing in all the Right Places
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must have for your underwear collection!

Based in Sydney, Australia Teamm8 hit the market as a mens underwear brand in 2008. 8 years on, their underwear range has expanded and their collection has grown to include swimwear and, more recently, beautifully designed active wear.  I have to admit, I’ve been a fan for a long time and have enjoyed watching their success. 

As an underwear brand, the classic mens brief has been part of the Teamm8 range for as long as I can remember, and it’s easy to see why. Theirs is a high quality, so simple it’s cool fit and design that, for me, actually rivals the king of making underwear cool, Calvin Klein.

The classic brief is a wardrobe essential that every guy needs, so I pulled up a pair and tucked myself in for my review.  To turn up the heat a little I treated myself to a brand new firey red brief.

As with my Teamm8 underwear before them, their soft, luxe fabric hugged my ass with comfort…and just tightly enough to grip (and show off) its bubbly goodness in style.

Teamm8’s briefs are all about highlighting your natural assets with a fit that looks and feels tailor made, theres no tricks, pouches or padding up front.. These briefs are perfectly on the ball. They give you all the bulge, bounce and support you need to be ready for anything – from dancing around your living room to zipping down for new playmates – with confidence, a cheeky smile and just enough extra headroom.. so you never feel restricted.  

Or even, as unexpectedly happened to me recently.. on a stage, stripped down to my classic blues by a friendly and fabulous drag queen, competing in a “cheeky booty bounce off” at packed local bar. Even on a Wednesday, it pays to be ready…

I’ve had my new reds for a few weeks now and they are still vibrant and firey, the colour hasn’t faded and the fabric is as soft as new. They’ve not stretched or fallen out of shape either, and still feel tailor made as they hug and highlight all the good bumps and curves perfectly…

This made me think about the other Teamm8 briefs in my drawer. Even after 2 years my tightey whiteys are still the perfect fit; I still get a smile from the sting of someone flicking the (just like new) elastic band of my black briefs and, as for my bolder blue, pink and white briefs – 1 year on and they’re still Underwear Party perfect. 

I now realise that my Teamm8 collection has outlasted all my other underwear brands, from D&G to Bonds. No matter the cut, style or colour they all look fresh, are in perfect condition and still highlight my assets like everything, including the underwear, is brand new.

In all honesty I think Teamm8 actually outshines Calvin Klien at his own tightey whitey game here. So i
f you’re looking for Instagrammably perfect underwear, or don’t already have Teamm8 in your underwear drawer, it’s time to stop fiddling around in the ball field and add them to your #mensunderwear collection.

P.s  (in case you were wondering) I won the booty bounce off that night- and a cheeky $100. Looking my bulgey best in those blue briefs, shaking up a win was too easy..now that’s what I call team work.


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To get your own Teamm8 style, check out the full range at https://www.teamm8.com/


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