Obviously, An Underwear Review

Obviously, An Underwear Review
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Great Support
Reduces Heat Build-up
Eliminates Squashing
Somewhat Expensive
Not Very Dryer Friendly
Obviously Comfortable

Obviously is an Australian designed premium men’s apparel brand, which uses rigorous engineering and design process that would put most aircraft manufacturers to shame. The dedication to design and comfort is apparent as soon as you try on a pair of Obviously underwear. From the jump, you’ll notice their unique pouch for your package.

Their meticulously engineered anatomical pouch design is what places Obviously at the forefront of the underwear market. They reduce heat build-up and swelling, which have been linked to sperm damage and fertility issues. It will also Improve genital health and virility, because it is non-restrictive of testicle movement as well as eliminate sticking to the inside of your leg. It also eliminate squashing – you will never again feel jammed down the front of your pants, chafing when walking, running or cycling, eliminate sweating and reduce the likelihood of fungal infections, illness and odors. Obviously underwear eliminates the need to readjust yourself throughout the day and keep you 2 degrees cooler than cotton in summer and noticeably warmer in winter, even when wet.

They offer a wide selection, from briefs, to trunks, to long boxer briefs. The material feels great on your skin. It’s so comfortable you may forget you’re even wearing any underwear and think you’re free-balling. In order to provide the ultimate in superior quality of underwear, Obviously uses have natural fabrics – Bamboo Rayon and Licensed Lenzing Modal. These fabrics allow for the feeling of softness, durability and support.

These underwear don’t ride up at the back, restrict your natural movement or fall down when you bend over. It will not have annoying labels to dig in or stick to your skin. That fit of their underwear is generous if you’ve got some junk in your trunk or are packing a bulgier punch. The only downside I have found in this underwear is it’s washability. For best results, and to keep your briefs around longer, wash on delicate cycle or handwash only and lay flat to dry, do not ring out your swimwear.  Putting these bad boys in the dryer repeatedly will eventually start to make them become worn down.

Overall, Obviously gives you the confidence to look your best and provide definition to your natural shape. They feel great and while slightly high in price, you’ll definitely feel like a million bucks wearing a pair. Obviously Apparel can be found in stores across Australia, the US, Canada, Russia, UK, Japan, France, India, and growing.


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