Garçon Model: Underwear with Personality & Comfort

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Garçon Model
Underwear with Personality & Comfort
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Garçon Model is a Canadian based underwear company that started from a simple statement: “Your clothes say a lot about your personality.” Whether it is biking in speedos, lazy Saturday mornings, or recharging at the beach after an insane week back at work. Garcon Model has you covered or uncovered as much as you want. They offer a range of range of high-quality performance boxers, briefs, trunks, jockstraps and swimwear. Read more in our review below

“Your clothes say a lot about your personality.”

Not only do they offer comfort and style, but you can wear Garçon Model knowing they are sustainably produced. The dye house they work with is Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring that no harmful substances are used in the dying process. They also ensure that their garment factories are committed to avoiding child labor and pay fair wages. So whatever you’re up to, you can relax knowing you’e being supported by a company that cares.

If you’re getting beast on the rugby field, twerking at the after party or trying to be more respectful and conservative on a beach day with your boyfriend’s family, Garçon Model provides you with a range of options depending on your lifestyle and individuality. Their stuff is very comfortable for guys with an active lifestyle that are always moving. As a result, Garcon Model knows fit guys need to go from 0 to 100 in no time and the items I tried out stood up to that challenge.



Between gym, work and play, underwear is the base layer that keeps me comfortable throughout the day. I start my day off early by hitting the gym before work, so I grabbed my Dade Jock and opted for leg day to put them to the test. The jock is very comfortable and stretchy and provided separation and support needed. Then after a quick shower, I was off to work.


Over the next few days I wore the San Marco Brief and the Green Elite Sport Brief while in the office and working from home. Their briefs are very comfy and snug and hug all the right places. Most noteworthy, they are pretty sexy as well and reveal and tease a bit of the ass cheeks while still offering comfort and support.


Weekending called for some fun in the sun, so I slid into Garçon Model’s Cristobal Swim Shorts. Immediately they felt amazing and fit like a glove! It’s hard to find a good swim short with a great fit and comfort, but I was impressed with how incredible they felt and looked. Above all, the material feels great and is very stretchy and flexible. They come with a rope tie waistband and a small hidden pocket on the inside for keys or supplies. So, whether you’re just out trying to get a tan, or are more active playing volleyball or swimming, these swim shorts won’t let you down.


Garçon Model combines the enhanced functionality of cutting-edge activewear with the sophistication and style. Guys shouldn’t have to deal with the three-pack briefs that go shapeless within a month and had zero personality or ability to accentuate your form. Garçon Model provides superior underwear solution for active guys who demand standout style and perfect fit underwear.


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