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Find Your Swimsuit Style

There are a few different options for guys to choose from these days when it comes to swimsuits. Whether you’re trying to find look for a pool party or the right fit for swimming. We’ve got the guide that will help you find the perfect suit for your day in the sun. Use the links under each swimsuit types to browse some of our favorites, and pick up some of the latest summer swimwear.




Shop: MARCO MARCO, Garçon Model, Teamm8, AussieBum, CIN-2

The brief (or speedo depending on where you’re from) doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but that’s the point right? Almost every swimwear brand has them and the only thing you need to wear them with style is a smile. At any shape, size, height or age – from Copacabana to Fire Island or Bondi to Mykonos the brief really let’s your assets shine, all the way through summer.


Square-Cut Trunks


Shop: Garçon Model, AussieBum, 2(X)IST, Sauvage, BaskitWear

They say that the thighs get the guys so if you’re after something a little less “revealing” than the brief but still want to show plenty of leg, then the square-cut trunk might be for you. To whip up a fan base bigger than an inflatable unicorn’s, the trunk works best if you’ve been doing your squats and have an ass that pops poolside. Great for pool parties.

Trainers / Sport Trunks


Shop: Garçon Model, AussieBum, Charlie by Matthew Zink

If you’re looking for something with a little wiggle room, trainer trunks are for you. They’re a cross between shorts and square-cut trunks. They have extra material when compared to square-cut trunks so the leave a little to the imagination, but still show off those killer legs of yours. These guys leave extra room for whatever situation may pop up.




Shop: Garçon Model, Teamm8, AussieBum, C-IN2, 2(X)IST, Sauvage

This swimsuit is easy to find and care for. They are the shape of regular shorts you’d see strolling down the street, but are made from lighter materials that dry fast and don’t drag you down in the water. They usually have tight fitting lining inside the shorts that act as underwear and protects your secrets when wet or you’re kicking back with a cheeky man-spread. Depending on how you feel about lining, the comfort level is debatable.


No matter your preference, there’s not a lack of options to have a crowd so thirsty they’ll need more than that cocktail they’re holding. Pick something that feels comfortable and looks just as good. You’re not the only one who will get a rise and be thankful. Have a favorite pair or brand? Let us know below!


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