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An Interview with Paul McNulty

Paul McNulty, otherwise known as @djpjm1, is a model, gogo dancer and entrepreneur and has been a prominent influencer in the gay online community for years. He’s built up a following of over 200k by sharing his fitness journey and adventures with his fiancé Andres, or @thesan_edin. Their brand, Dark Room, started as a way to have fun and collaborate. Now they and their products are popping up all over the world. We got a chance to catch up with him and find out what he’s been up to and what he has planned for the future.

Hello there Mr. McNulty! It’s been almost a year since we last connected. How have you been?
Paul: I’ve been really good, thanks! Super, super busy but it’s something I believe you should never complain about! How have you been?

Pretty good. Just been leading this Woofd pack around. How are things with Dark Room?
The Dark Room has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. We have went from selling a calendar to selling artwork and now onto clothing and fetish gear. This end part of the year is going to be extra exciting for us. Ever since coming onto the gay party scene, everyone has said ‘you need to release your own jock strap’ and thanks to Andres and our fans and followers this is became a reality!

How cool! I love a jock strap. You guys released some harnesses as well. The elastic ones are really fun I’ve discovered.
They are available now! We showed off the Dark Room JockStraps for the first time during Madrid Pride 2018, which was during The Dies3l parties! Myself, Andres and some of the hottest guys Madrid has to offer gogo danced in them as we were the main sponsor for the party! Which is also something we will be doing a lot more of for the end of. Sponsoring parties to help grow the brand even more.
For the elastic harnesses they have sold very well. People wanted an alternative to the traditional ones but we have kept our trademark cross at the back with Dark Room Logo!

That’s all awesome news! You’ve become a pretty famous gogo dancer. How has that experience been for you? It seems like your fans can get pretty handsy.
Yeah, it’s crazy to see how many people now turn up to see me. The last gig I done they even had to block off a street as the queue to get in was massive! They said that’s never happened before! The handsy part, that’s all part of the job. I wouldn’t be doing this for 4 years now if I never enjoyed the thrill of being half-naked up on stage. It definitely comes with its pros and cons (pros being, being paid to party, great exposure for our Dark Room Brand, getting to travel the world – cons being the late nights with very little sleep, catching flights with very little sleep… if you can tell I love my sleep?)

Well, you’re quite the stud! Like you said, you maintain a pretty beefy and bold physique. How often do you work out? Any tips? I bet the dancing helps.
My main tips would be, be consistent with your eating and training. I train 5-6 times per week and always make time to eat. Dancing is cardio and works against the weight gain… so protein bars and jelly sweets are always in the Gogo dancing bag with the smelly socks, boots and harnesses 😂

Any particular muscle groups you like to build? Or routines you follow?
I’ve always loved to train legs and anything I’m pulling… pushing for me has always been my weakness. So chest and shoulders I find hard, legs and back I enjoy! But we can be good at everything, right?

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I’m thinking of donuts still… 🤤

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Where do you like to keep your tips when you’re dancing?
People can get very creative where they manage to tip you! I’ll leave that one the readers’ imagination!

What is it like backstage at these big parties you work? 😈
It’s pretty chilled out. The organizers can be running around making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time and everything is running smoothly but genuinely the Gogo dancers have their feet up chatting about general life, workout tips, diet tips etc. It differs from party to party, but nothing what people imagine it would be like!

You’re also pretty active on your OnlyFans account. How has that been? I see on Twitter you’re posting teasers for naked and xxx videos
It’s a great side project. I’ve now introduced more models to have some fun along side me… you really got to check it out to see what all the hype is about! 😉

I haven’t used it. Are your followers able to interact with you there? It’s subscription based. Can someone leave you a tip there?
Yes, they can message you, tip you and leave feedback about the content. Obviously the more x rated it is the happier they are! Lol

You’ve been dancing all kinds of places! Any plans to come to America? We’d love to have you. Where in the US would you like to visit?
Before COVID-19 hit I was just about to finalize my trip to Toronto for Pride and then Dallas, PTown and New York! I hope come 2021 we can live what 2020 was supposed to be!

All that traveling for dancing sounds like a lot of fun and a constant adventure. What do you do to relax and decompress?
Netflix & Chill – sucker for a Netflix series and documentary. Power (Ghost 🤤), How to Get Away with Murder, and American Horror Story are some of my favorites. I also like to read Woofd in my downtime, as well as Gay Star News. I have been featured in Attitude and Wings magazine before, so I tend to check those out. 🙂

Any parties coming up we should keep an eye on?
This Saturday I am in Milan for the launch of a brand new party called DOM. 19th of October I will be in Berlin for the Hustlaball party at the famous KitKat club which is always the annual porn star awards! A few in- between TBA and then we will both be in Cologne the end of Nov for Bear Pride!

Who are your biggest roles models? Or guys you look up to for inspiration and why?
My workout inspiration has always been The Rock. His motivation and drive in life can never be matched. As for Instagram guys I, of course, have to shoutout my fiancé @thesan_edin and my friends @niks_shape_up and I think we all want to be about to do a backflip like @steve_raider! 😂

How are you guys managing with the COVID pandemic? I see you are selling some face masks.
We have been managing the best we can in a bad situation. We are very lucky our online sales never took a dip and people are still buying online. The boredom really starts to set in, then you miss the gym … and then you remember the real reason we have been locked down and it’s all to save life’s… Yes, absolutely… Dark Room face masks are on sale now!

Your mesh line is very slick! It looks comfortable too. What inspired that?
We had a few pairs of mesh shorts that we kept going back to that we would wear ourselves at parties… we definitely noticed a big trend of other people wearing mesh this past year. We put our heads together and designed a mesh brief, boxer, thong and now just released a mesh jockstrap! It’s definitely a big hit!

Summer is just starting up here in Atlanta. I see you guys have swimwear as well. Very nice addition. Which kind do you like?
I’ve always wanted a swimwear jockstrap for pool parties but really could never find a brand that done one… so we just went for it! We also have your standard cut as well as our easy accesses zipper, which is definitely so far the biggest seller! We hope we can see people wear these as beaches and pools re-open across the world!

What’s the best way for your followers to keep up with you?
Of course my Instagram @djpjm1, my Twitter is also the same handle. Also for @darkroombrand for all the recent products and shoots!


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Just a bear cooling off 🐻

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