10 Things All Guys Should Be Doing In Relationships

Did you get the gay dating manual? I didn’t. But maybe this will help? Below you’ll find some tips and dating advice for guys that might need a gentle reminder of what men want in relationships. It’s easy to slip into a rut and lose focus of your partner. I’m no relationship expert, but these things mean a lot to me. Give some of them a shot and see what happens to the romance in your relationship.

1. To love unconditionally
This is the most powerful gift we can offer another living being. Being able to show that we have the ability to love, sends the whole relationship into motion. It’s that feeling of loving someone despite their flaws or shortcomings, for their imperfections, that must be reciprocated and acknowledged to another. Without that, true relationships CAN’T exist.

2. Honesty
To me, This is the cornerstone of any relationship. I personally don’t know how to love somebody if I’m not transparent and let them know what is on my mind. I’ve been told it’s sometimes good to keep some things to yourself, but I disagree. If you’re going to share your life with somebody else, then I believe they need to know you–the whole you. Honesty creates a stronger bond and sustains the confidence that you have in each other.

3. Independence and dependence.

Show that you are both capable of taking care of each other  in physical, mental and financial situations.

4. Support
Love your man! If he’s interested in becoming a painter, encourage him to be a painter. If he’s interested in becoming a singer, support his dream of becoming a singer. If he wants to be a bug collector, let him be one. Never be negative on someone’s dreams of desires to be or do something. As long as that dream of desire is healthy and doesn’t hurt others, obviously.

5. Family
The desire to want to raise a child or pet together is showing something that you are doing together from the beginning.

6. Body consciousness.
This may not be as important to some people, but as a fitness enthusiast, I feel it’s important to include this.. Taking care of your body is sexy to me. It’s a turn on to see a guy take care of himself. Eating right, working out and being proud of one’s body shows respect and care about themselves. I also think it helps a lot with keeping a couple’s sex life alive and well.

7. Spirituality.
Having faith in the something superior like the universe, nature or God. Striving to be good person to be at peace and knowing there is something far more greater than our existence.

8. Open-Mindedness and Respect.
There are billions of people on this Earth and we’re not all going to agree on things. That doesn’t mean to belittle a person’s view because of a disagreement? Be mindful and understanding of how others think and in sharing their opinions.

9. Traveling.
One of the most memorable experiences you can have with your partner. See the world together and during these adventures is an opportune time to learn more about each other.

10. Fun!
Last but not least HAVE FUN! Don’t get caught into the redundancy of feeling bored with the life you share together. Look for things to do together whether it’s trying a new restaurant, hanging out in a new spot in your town, or something out of the box like working on a project. Nobody likes to be bored, so give the push to try something new.



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