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10 Ways to Trim Down & Lean Up

Summer season or not, I have seen how much my life can change when I go from a bulky shape to a lean and athletic one. I can finish a CrossFit class without feeling like I am going to die. I have gotten better feedback and engagement from my followers. I have signed contracts with brands that believe I am a match for their market. Every person should look and work for the body shape they want. But if you decide to trim down & lean up like me, here are some important tips that will help you achieve those low-fat levels that will both make you healthier and feel better.

1. Fasting Cardio
The body maximizes fat loss while in a fasting state. I do 60 mins cardio daily in the morning before eating to keep my lean mass, and burn fat. The secret here is not to overdo cardio.

2. Caffeine and L-Carnitine
Caffeine plays a big role in fat burning. Keeping your heart rate higher than normal will turn your body into a fat burning machine. Consuming L-carnitine will both help burn fat and raise endurance levels.

3. Reduce Your Carbs
I know it’s hard, for who does not love carbs? I can still eat them but I fit them around my lifting time so I get the energy I need for my workout, and after my workout for recovery purposes. Leave no carbs for energy accumulation that converts to fat later.

4. Consume Natural Diuretics
Cucumber, asparagus and water consumption. They are natural diuretics which will help you achieve that lean look. To look your leanest, you need both low fat levels and to avoid water retention. Adding these vegetables with each of your meals will help you avoid the water retention and help you show the muscles you worked so hard to gain. Regarding water, I drink one gallon and a half of water, in order to keep track, I carry a gallon of water with me everywhere I go.

5. Engage Your Core
Add core to your lifting sessions. Abs are formed in the kitchen, but having a toned and strong abdominal wall will give you that sexy six pack and small waist that you will see as fat levels drop.

6. Avoid Sugar
#nosugarallowed. Yes, I love sugar but is terrible when trying to burn fat. Try to change your habits and add zero calorie drinks or sweetners when cooking or drinking.

7. Avoid Alcohol
#noalcohol. Alcohol is basically another sugar. Like in my tip number 6, It is not worth ruining all your work just for a simple cocktail or drink. Yes, they are delicious and addicting, but not good when looking lean is your goal.

A short high-Intensity cardio session after lifting is the best way to get maximize your fat burning potential. Here is my favorite HIIT activity: HIIT 20 minutes Stairmaster, HIIT cardio.

Apply FAT-FADER every day. Before cardio, lifting, and after showering. FAT-FADER is is the planet’s most intense topical slimming lotion on the market today has been my best friend when getting that tight look in your skin that makes you look veiny and athletic because it has 2.5% Aminophylline & Raspberry Ketones. Use my code OSCARFIT and get 40% discount and free shipping.

10. Cheat-Yo-self
Make yourself happy: every Sunday I have a 3 hour cheat period. This is when I allow myself to eat anything I want, from a hamburger to an ice cream or whatever I crave. Don’t worry you won’t get fat, you will compensate yourself. Your muscles will refill with the water they need to keep on looking big and pumped, your mood will be better, and you will be ready to start your diet again without hating your life due to the low carbs.


I hope these tips help you achieve your fitness goals. If you’re looking for fun and effective workouts that involves HIIT, kickboxing, cardio, lifting, live DJ, and to feel the fitness family spirit inside your veins, please follow my business and personal IGs. I’ll keep you motivated and will be sharing info on my new gym opening in Downtown Los Angeles, and you’ll be able to receive a one-week courtesy trial to experience it.





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