15 Outfit Ideas for Gay Jocks

If you’re a jock like me, clothing is about being comfortable and accentuating my hard work. I’m a personal trainer and keep things simple by using bold colors with classic style. 🦄💪🏻 Here is some men’s fashion inspiration for my fellow gay jocks, winter to spring, gym to home, using some of my favorite outfits. To see more of me in less outfits, check out my OnlyFans.



15. Red T-shirt, Jeans, White Shoes & Watch


14. Black T-shirt, Black Gym Shorts & Black Shoes


13. Blue Shirt, Navy Shorts & Green Shoes


12. Gray Sweater, Blue Jeans & Red Shoes


11. Blue T-shirt, Gray Fitted Sweatpants & White Shoes


10. Gray T-shirt & Blue Jeans

9. White T-shirt & Black Shorts with White Stripe


8. Cream Sweater, Dark Jeans, Brown High-tops, Beanie and Necklace


7. Fitted Blue Jeans & Black Jacket


6. Green Button Down Shirt, Fitted Blue Jeans & Brown High-tops


5. White T-shirt, Black Leggings & Watch


4. Khaki Shorts, Gray T-shirt & Socks


3. Speedo, Sunglasses & Watch


2. Woofd Tank & Black Gym Shorts


1. Jockstrap






For more inspiration, follow me @rego_v or subscribe to my OnlyFans.



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