An Interview with Paul McNulty & Andres Santana

The guys behind the Dark Room are stepping out on a new adventure together as they both take reign over the modeling duties for the brand. The company was created by photographer and designer Andres Santana. It started as a way to have fun and collaborate with his fiancé Paul McNulty. The photography began by showing off Paul’s best assets and now  showcases both of their bodies in submissive, dominant, sexual positions while portraying a huge degree of masculinity- and it is all shot at their home studio in Scotland.

They have been together almost ten years and their latest project is bringing them closer together than ever before and taking them to exciting new places. Not only have they posted their products to 36 countries so far with free global shipping – they are globe trotting gogo dancers possibly appearing at a venue near you. Dark Room offers apparel, caps, and their wall calendar reveals some of their deepest, sexual desires in a dark room for all to witness. Nothing is left to the imagination with full nudes to view in this years calendar. Get to know the guys better in our interview below.


Dustin: Hey there guys! How are you doing today?
Andres : Hey, we are good. How are you?

Just in the from the gym. It’s morning over here in the US. Where are you two located?
Andres: We are located in Edinburgh, Scotland 🙂

Never been. Hopefully I’ll get to visit one day. So, let’s start with how you two met.
Andres: We first met almost 10 years so at a small gay bar in the city and things kicked off from there 🙂

Who approached who? Was there an instant connection?
Andres: Paul approached me and to be honest there wasn’t an instant connection there but there was definitely something.

HA! Appreciate the honesty. And you two have been together since? And you’re engaged as well?
Andres: Yes, we have been together since. Paul and I were in Venice on our 7th year anniversary. That’s when I proposed in the Murano islands on a dock when it was sunset.

That sounds very romantic. Congratulations! You’ve two have been together for nearly a decade. That’s like an eternity in gay years. Do you have any advice for guys wanting to maintain long-term relationships? What has keep you two together so long?
Andres: By no means is our relationship perfect, but I truly think we have something special. Like all couples we can disagree, argue, etc. but honesty is best. We are so comfortable with each other we can say what we want and don’t hold a grudge. Once we talk about it, it’s over and we move on. It doesn’t get brought up 6 months down the line or something ridiculous. And we tell each other we love each other all the time. Also… probably (and it’s pretty shallow) is stay in the best shape,  and look the best you can. That sexual chemistry to keep that level of intimacy going, to us, is important. A lot of people can be complacent and let things go. And we compliment each other a lot. I tell Paul everyday how amazing his ass is. If you haven’t seen it. It’s pretty amazing. And it’s all real, which is pretty rare in the gay scene these days 😂

That’s great. Yeah, I think honesty is the key as well.  Luckily I haven’t experienced any fake asses yet. But I’ve heard it’s becoming more popular.  I don’t get it. Just do more squats and eat more!
Andres: I have nothing against it. It if makes them happy and more confident about themselves then it’s a win/win.

What happens when the warranty expires?!?! You guys make a very sexy couple. You made it on to a couple of our hot lists. It seems like you know what your followers want and are giving it to us with Dark Room. When did you guys decide to start it? What is the concept?
Andres: Aww thank you very much. Honestly though Paul has the bigger, better butt. We started the Dark Room brand just over a year ago in 2016. It was really just to explore our more creative sides. I have a real interest in homoerotic photography and of course my fiancé so it made sense to put the two together and try to make a business out of it.

I have a feeling he’ll be making an appearance on our next list 😛 So, Dark Room is a collaboration between the two of you? Who is doing the photography and graphic design work? Is that you guys?
Andres: I have done the photography so far myself. I am a freelance graphic designer also so I have also designed our calendars and graphic work for the Dark Room brand.


That’s awesome. I’m a graphic designer also. You’re doing a great job developing the brand identity. Do you guys plan to feature other models? Or is it meant to highlight you guys and your relationship?
Andres: At the moment in time it has just been the two of us. Just recently I have started featuring myself in the body of work. At the beginning, it was all just Paul, but we will probably venture out to other models in the future.

Well the photos are great; steamy, sexy and moody.  Any guys in particular you’d like to photograph if the opportunity presented itself?
Paul: We definitely have some people in mind, but want to keep them as much of a surprise as possible to keep people guessing. 😉

Paul, what went through your head when you realized you’d be in the first in the spotlight?  Do you think you’d have been as comfortable if someone else was behind the camera?
Paul: Good questions. Since this was my first fully nude type of photoshoot, the best person to do that for and feel comfortable with would be the guy I have been naked around for almost 10 years! 😛 😈 So this of course made it very easy to get some of the sexual shots that we wanted. Since then we have done a number of shoots for other photographers, but this was always going to be the most comfortable.

You both have great assets and your social media proves it. What do you guys do to achieve those notorious bubble butts?
Paul: Heavy deep squats and glute activation exercises in the gym and a balanced diet of course. I offer these types of gym and diet programs through my online coaching I do via Instagram. People can DM me or email me to enquire 🙂

Both of you have quite the following on social media. Would you consider yourselves influencers?
Paul: Depends on how you define influencer I guess. We certainly don’t have that plastered on our profiles. Since we now have our Dark Room brand we are now less likely to accept other brands items for shout outs like we would before. Unless we really really like them of course. So less now for the clothing side of things and more for the gay parties we advertise and go go dance for or host.

What kind of projects do you have going on now? You guys are selling two calendars?
Paul: Yup there are 2 calendars. One of myself and one of Andres. You can buy them separately or you can buy them both together for a cheaper price. If you get both and place them side by side some months you can an exclusive picture of us both interacting in the dark room – also some extras like a unique discount code off your next order.

Oh that’s a cool concept and everyone loves a good deal! What can we expect from the photos in the calendar? You both are completely nude in most of the shots?
Andres: Yes, there are full frontal shots in both of our calendars.

What are some other hobbies you guys have or things you enjoy doing together?
Andres: We work out together a lot and we love to travel. We do some gogo dancing when we are away too. We are heading to Madrid in December and possibly London in November.  My work will be exhibited in Australia next year as well.

Paul: Aside from being in the gym way too much. We love traveling as much as we can together. Visiting new cities always makes us super excited. We very lucky with the Dark Room Brand and our gogo dancing we get around a lot. We are very excited to be back in our favourite city Madrid for New Years and we will be in Seoul, South Korea over Christmas. I am in Cologne for Bear Pride in 2 weeks time (dancing at the main party PIPE), we then travel to Madrid for Madrid Winter Trilogy by Dies3l party. Definitely one of our favourite parties to work and the city we would love to move to one day. Then after that we will travel to Seoul, South Korea to dance in Club Qubic and then back to Madrid to work for WE party’ New Year Festival 🙂

Holy shit! That’s a lot of traveling. How do you make time for yourselves?! I’ll keep an eye on Instagram for photos from your travels. What’s the best way you reach you guys for bookings?
Paul: Contacting us through our Facebook pages or Instagrams are fine for bookings. 🙂

Final question. Who’s the top and who’s the bottom? Or are you guys versatile?
Andres: I’m top he’s bottom. Paul being a top with that ass would be a CRIME 😂


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