An Interview with Cazwell

Cazwell is a gay DJ and rapper that enjoys referencing comical and sexy situations he experiences when creating his songs. He tours the world every year playing to enthusiastic crowds and festivals, with songs like “Ice Cream Truck“, “Loose Wrists” and his latest “Cakes.” He has had over 10 million combined video views on Vevo / You Tube and has managed over 1 Million download / streams of his independently-released music. Get to know Cazwell a little better in our interview with him.


Hey there. How are you doing today? Are you doing some shows? Thanks for doing this interview. Have you checked out the site?
Cazwell: HEY! IM GOOD. YOU? Yeah, I read your article about the Björk art installation.

Nice! Big Björk fan here, honestly more of Volta and back. What are some of your favorite album she’s put out?
C: My favorite Björk album is probably Vespertine. I still like to put it on when I clean the house.

My favorite tracks of yours are “Ice Cream Truck”, “Loose Wrists” and “Unzip Me”. Do you have any favorites or ones you like to perform?
C: I love to perform “Loose Wrists”. “Get My Money Back” is a fun one to perform live. I’m typically most excited about performing new songs. “Cakes” is a lot of fun to get on the mic with.

Your “Cakes” video recently came out and it is sexy as hell! Tell me about the song and making the video.
C: Well the song is a country western, trap love song in my eyes. But its all about my love and admiration for nice ass. So obviously, ass was gonna be the main focus for the video. I wanted all the guys to look identical so I went for the Mexican wrestling masks. Lil Debbies video for “Ratchets” was a big inspiration for the video.

Who are your backup dancers? Are they regulars or new guys per project?
C: There are a lot of new guys in this video but I also have some of my friends in the video and dancers that I tour with sometimes. I just needed guys with nice big asses that knew how to shake them. Its harder to find than you might think.

Where do guys sign up to be one of your video hype boys?
C: I have a very rigorous audition and training process that takes about 2 weeks. LOL nah I’m playin!! I usually find new guys on Instagram. Finding guys that want to be in a video is easy. Finding guys that want to be in a video that are professional and reliable…..well that’s another story.

Sounds like you’ve been ghosted. Do you have any dancers you can rely on and love working with?
C: I definitely have dancers that I can rely on. The two I work with the most are Jon Silva and Devon Walker. I tour with them and they are both in the “Cakes” video. I catch them all the time dancing back up on Rupaul’s Drag Race.

Whats your type? Single? Would you date a fan?
C: I tend to go for guys that aren’t white. I’m open to all possibilities. I like guys with nice bodies but a nice voice truly goes a long way for me. Of course, I would date a fan. Whoever my significant other is should be my biggest fan. And I should be his biggest fan. It’s what support is all about.

Most of your visuals, outfits and style are fun, funky and have vibrant colors. Where do you get your inspiration from? Anything from cartoons inspire you?
C: Colors are a big deal for me. I have a strange love for primary colors too. Obviously for “Cakes” we wanted to go for a red white and blue theme. The colors used in the Ice Cream Truck video were very specific too. I’m very inspired by cartoons. Mostly Bugs Bunny, Rick and Morty, Family Guy and American Dad.

You’ve collaborated with a lot of artists, from Peaches to Big Dipper to Amanda Lepore. Do you have special memories from any of your collaborations?
C: My first memory that comes to mind is actually with Manila Luzon who I did “Helen Keller” with. The afternoon we recorded vocals, Manila came to the studio in full hip hop Mary J Blige drag. The hair, nails, door knocker earrings. Like, head to toe round the way girl look. I was like “Manila do you have a show directly after our recording session?” and she said “NO, I just want to be in full character and give it EVERYTHING I got when I step up to the mic!” I really love people like that.

Any rapper you’d like to work with or maybe a maybe do a mashup?
C: Beyoncé is my favorite rapper right now LOL. She can hit me up anytime she wants!!

Who are some people you’d like to work with if you could?
C: Ummm BEYONCÉ!!!!!, Missy Elliott is a HUUUUUUUUUUGE inspiration so that is on my vision board. Nicki Minaj would be sickening!! I’d also love to collaborate with Pharrell.

Yes, I think you and Missy would make a great song. I’m here for that. What would you want that dream song to be about?
C: From what I know about Missy we both have a love of junk food so we’d probably drop a track about “Cinnabuns” or something. LOL!

Your videos are filled with hot gay guys, in barely any clothing. Woof! Have you experienced any homophobic resistance, backlash or DMs because of that?
C: Early on in my career there were moments of homophobia and getting shit thrown at me at clubs. When i first started no gay clubs would hire me cuz it was hip hop so I did a lot of straight clubs at the time in Boston. But it was a good beginners experience. If you can play to a buncha straight white Irish jocks in Boston you can play for anybody.

Or .. maybe some of the opposite, thanking you for being so out and proud?
C: Yeah i get letters and DM’s all the time, mostly from young gay men that thank me for being out and proud and being a voice for them. It feels good to know that im making a positive difference in someones life.

Any upcoming projects to look out for?
C: I have some new videos and singles brewing. 🙂



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