An Interview with Mister Outdoors

MisterOutdoors is attempting to change the world one cheek at a time. More specifically, he is selling prints of his bubble butt with 50% of sales going to a charity of your choice. Learn more about him and his work in our interview below.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, MisterOutdoors. How are you today?
Happy to do it, I am good thanks for asking!

Tell me a little about your butt and what you’re doing with it. But really, tell me about and why you started it?
Thank you. I truly never planned or expected for @misteroutdoors to gain such a following and positive feedback.  Over the course of the last couple of months the number of followers sky rocketed and I had a moment of realizing that instead of just feeding my own ego and vanity, I could actually do something positive with it and maybe even make a difference.  Otherwise, what’s the point? Many of the followers asked about buying prints and that’s how I got the idea. Put the two together and boom! It was instant – the name, the site, the cause…

50% of the sales of each print goes to either Planned Parenthood, American Civil Liberties Union, or Black Lives Matter. Why did you select these three organizations? 
I wanted to cover as much ground as possible considering current political and social climate in our country. Every one of these organizations plays a significant role in fighting so that fundamental human rights and equality for ALL prevail despite what we see happening every single day. I hope to help even in the slightest way.

How do you pick the locations of your photos? 
There’s not much planning for the actual photo ops. I love nature and constantly go on adventures. There are so many beautiful places all around us. So while I am out there exploring new places, and I happen to come across a spot that looks like it would make a great photo, I’ll set it up and go for it.

Did you have fans of your butt before you started your Instagram account?

Are there any travel destinations on your bucket list you’re wanting to visit? Or favorite ones you’d like to return to? 
So many destinations, so little time. Excited to cross of my list Thailand later this year and Utah as well. I’ve been wanting to explore the Redwoods up in Northern California for a while and plan on doing that later this summer. There is so much beauty out there and all these places  couldn’t be more different from each other.

Have you gotten any weird questions or requests from any of your followers? 
Yes. And I understood from the beginning it might go there. That’s why in my profile I asked people to be respectful. I am not judging because I am guilty of doing the same. But it’s ok to keep certain thoughts or fantasies to ourselves not just out of respect for me but other followers as you never know who might be reading it… Despite being butt naked in my pics, I’d still like this to be a family friendly place 😉

You are quite the mystery man, Mr. Anonymous. Why the secrecy? Will you ever reveal your identity? 
Well originally it started because I really didn’t want people to know who it is as I had some negative experience with that in the past… but still wanted to have my fun. At this point however it’s not about the person anymore, for me it’s about the cause. It just makes more sense to me. Less distractions and allows people to focus on what’s important (or at least to enjoy the pics without any preconceived ideas about who the person is). I don’t think there’s any need for me to be revealing my identity. So no.

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HELLO 2020 … Let’s be kind and compassionate with one another knowing we are all in this together. Knowing we all struggle and hurt. And understand that behind anger and hatred is usually fear and pain. So let’s be less reactive to one another but instead listen and open our hearts, and approach each conversation and confrontation from a place of compassion. Let’s allow more light, love and joy into our lives this coming decade, and share it with others wherever we go. And remember that one person can make a difference and create ripples of change, because our actions have an impact on all of humanity. So for 2020, join me and be the change you want to see. Happy New Year! Love, Mr. Outdoors

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What can we expect next from you?
More pics from some epic adventures! But beyond that I really have no idea. All this attention is so new and very encouraging. I want to focus on now instead of worrying what’s next and maximize what I am doing by hopefully encouraging others who can reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of people to do the same. Can you imagine? How different our World could be?

If everyone used their butt to help a charity? For you, I think a calendar would be a hit! Whatever it is, we’ll be looking forward to it.
HAHA! it doesn’t have to be their butt. But yes, whatever their “thing” is. A calendar huh? Some followers suggested a photobook. I guess I should start doing some thinking… I will keep you posted.

What do you do to keep your butt in shape? Any tips for those trying to get a better butt?
I get asked this question by my followers a lot. The answer is – donuts and climbing up steep mountains.

LOL! Yes, donuts do help in that area I’ve discovered! Anything else you’d like to add?
Oh, so you know what I am talking about… Honestly, I just want to say thank you to everyone for this positive response, their kindness and support.

Do you have any other social media accounts where people can keep up with you?
Just my Instagram. I am all about simplicity.

We’ll be sure to follow you. Thanks for your time!

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💯 Hey Buttlovers! You asked and as promised here it is… number 100. I guess it must have been the summer speaking because most of you asked for different variations of me on the beach. I just want to thank you for all your continuous support and to remind you that the fight is far from over. Every little bit counts. So let’s not get comfortable, let’s not let them wear us down, let’s continue supporting one another in a fight for a country and a world where everyone is treated equally, where we feel safe and where human decency isn’t considered a luxury. And please by all means use my butt to do some good at Few little clicks make a big difference. Buttfully yours, Mr. Outdoors #misteroutdoors #buttforgood #nakedoutdoors #nakedinnature #bethechangeyouwant #dosomegoodtoday #resist

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