A Gym Etiquette Guide for Gay Men

Navigating your way through a peaceful workout at the gym can be tough, and even intimidating for newbies. Luckily for you, hitting the gym is a regular thing for the Woofd pack, so we’ve got a few pointers. There are rules for any gym and we are here to remind you of them, as well as fill you in on some of the unspoken codes of conduct that will make everyone’s workout more enjoyable. Here is a list of helpful gym etiquette guidelines from guys who already hit the gym, for those just beginning their fitness journey, as well as some helpful reminders for current gym-goers.

Help the New Guys
Don’t be an asshole to new guys. Think of all the gains that could be made if gym regulars would be nicer to newcomers. A friendly face or kind interaction could make all the difference in someone else’s gym experience. We all have to start somewhere.

Sharing Is Caring
Always be aware of people waiting to use your machine. In this smartphone-addicted era we live in, it’s easy to get distracted by those incoming notifications, but few things are ruder than engaging in a chat on your phone while on a machine as someone is waiting to work in. Don’t be that guy.

Re-rack Your Weights
It’s usually in every gym’s rules to put the weights back in their place. Get and stay in the habit of doing so, as it is unfair the next person not to. The next guy wants to lift, not clean up after you because you’re lazy. Put the weights back where they belong.


Do You Smell That?
There’s a distinct difference between the sexy scent of a fit man and the foul stench of dirty gym clothes. Don’t wear the same clothes all week. 😉 Wear clean clothes and wash them regularly. Bacteria grows in the sweat and humidity of dirty clothes. Also, don’t overpower the gym with your cologne, sure it may smell good, but we shouldn’t still smell you long after you’ve moved on.

Don’t Throw Dumbbells
Some guys throw dumbbells after their last set. We all want one good last rep, but we don’t need you hulking out. Instead, you can put them on your knees and gently place them on the floor. Plus, throwing dumbbells is really dangerous.

Inside Voices
It is quite annoying when guys are training with their swolemates and are shouting as if they are at home or at a party, or taking calls while holding a machine. It’s a public space. Keep it quiet and be respectful.

Cruise Cautiously
Most of us just go to the gym to work out and not get hit on. But, a few of us in the Woofd pack are into crafty flirtation. So, just be prepared for it to go either way. Perhaps just login to a dating app and see if your crush is online and open for business?

Wipe It Down
Don’t leave your sweat all over the benches… it’s disgusting. Always wipe it before leaving it and getting up from using a machine. Not only is it inconsiderate, but no one wants your pink eye.

Use a Towel
With all the people in and out of gyms these days and all the different types of gyms and studios, people are relying on gyms to provide sweat towels. But with that convenience to the gym member, also comes the risk of plenty of germs. That’s why we would highly recommend you bring your own from home. Have a week’s worth of gym towels that are washed in your own home (giving you peace of mind) and you can just grab and go when you’re off to the gym.

Unsolicited Training Advice
While most guys can use some pointers, don’t offer up advice without asking if it’s wanted. Guys hire personal trainers, use apps, or follow programs if they’re actively looking for some advice. If you spot someone doing something you think could be improved and want to help, first ask if they’d like some tips before you just offer them up.


Hopefully, these tips will help you navigate your way to a better workout for you and everyone else at your gym. Did we miss any of your gym pet peeves? Let us know in the comments below!





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