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#Urbantravels: 3 Unbeatable Packing Tips

Probability is the measure of the likelihood that an event will occur. Having said that, I am sure there’s somewhere a probability scientist that would love to prove me wrong but I argue: “I love packing” said no one ever!

With the days getting warmer and having been bombarded with impressions of Coachella, I am already airheaded with all the places I want to visit this year. However, despite having studied abroad and having worked in consulting for several years, I have developed a persistent aversion to packing and still haven’t mastered the art of stuffing a suitcase with joy and happiness. Unfortunately, if you are screening the internet of things for useful advice on overcoming this ubiquitous problem, you’re likely to be disappointed by bad packing tips that probably came straight from a travel blogger on speed… certainly nothing that will work. Thus, I proudly present and share with you my 3 unbeatable packing tips – tried and tested:

#1 – Lists don’t work

Most people will create lists because they think it will leave them feeling less overwhelmed and disorganized. Yet, there are fundamental problems with lists that make them rather ineffective. Firstly, a list of things to pack still leaves you with the problem of prioritizing those items. Secondly, I am sure you will continuously add things to your list rather than reducing it. And at the end of the day, you might be even more overwhelmed than before. But go ahead and try optimizing your list by categorizing your items, creating estimates for potential weather scenarios and setting your priorities straight. I am sure, your plane will have left the airport before your final review. Hence, stay away from creating lists and practice your ability to focus.

#2 – Accept uncertainty

Ohh boy, yes it took me a while to get this one. You have no formal event planned for your trip but still end up packing your best suit and tie in case you meet that sharp-looking human creature in an elevator that invites you to a gala. Let me break it to you: THIS IS NOT HOW TRAVEL WORKS.  I always used to pack at least three reserve pairs of socks or two “emergency outfits”. You know…just in case. However, this uncertainty leads to overpacking so just accept the inevitable and know that you can always deal with the unforeseen on site.

#3 – Start packing last minute

Yes, I am damn serious. Obviously this tip does not apply when you are e.g. about to pack for your exchange year abroad. But for smaller trips this is the best way to go about packing. Whilst others are already freaked out days before the trip, I’ll enjoy an evening with Netflix and chill. Since I usually have to take early flights, there’s no point in going to bed anyways. I’d be too scared to not hear the alarm go off. So about three hours before you’ll have to leave, start packing. Since you are on the clock, you’ll be quite efficient and decisive, believe me 😉 And once you’ve been seated on your plane, you’ll be relaxed and tired enough to nap through to your destination. You’re welcome. 🙂

What’s your ultimate packing advice?


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