DF-18976 - Hugh Jackman stars as Logan/Wolverine in LOGAN. Photo Credit: Ben Rothstein.

Logan: Wolverine’s Swan Song Hits a High Note

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character driven

Logan: Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart make their X-Men swan song in this broody, futuristic tale about aging and mortality that has Wolverine and Professor Charles Xavier living in exile at a remote outpost near the Mexican border in 2029, at a time when there are almost no mutants left. When a young mutant girl appears, seeking their help, the action (and body count) quickly amps up. The exceptionally violent film, a hybrid of the classic 1953 western Shane (which is even shown in one scene) and 2016’s Midnight Special, is much darker and more character driven than prior X-Men films. The 2:15 run time could have been improved with some editing in the second half, but it is still a well-done, albeit predictable, tribute that will satisfy fans of the comic book series. B


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