A Guide to Building Bigger Arms

I have trained ex-pro/semi-pro football players and bodybuilders, police and firefighters, those preparing for military duty, as well as athletes to increase proficiency in football, baseball, golf, track, basketball, wrestling and mud and marathon running.  Never once have I heard a guy say that he doesn’t want big arms.

“Whatcha Gonna Do, When these 24 Inch Pythons Run Wild on You?!”

The “Immortal” Hulk Hogan, bragging that his arms had a 24-inch circumference, he became the face of the one person most of us knew (at least thought) had arms that were two feet around. The bigger your arms, the more impressive your physique seems. Therefore I know you want them, so here are some exercises to help you in building bigger arms and get closer to that 24 inches.

  1. Close Grip Bench Press (4 x 10-12)


  3. Cable Overhead Tricep Extensions (4 x 10-12)


  5. Single Arm Kickbacks (4 x 10-12) [superset with]


  7. Parallel Bar Dips (4 x failure)


  9. Tricep Pushdowns w/ Rope Attachment (7 x 12-15)


  11. Barbell Curl (4 x 10-12) [superset with]


  13. Alternating Dumbbell Curl (4 x 10-12)


  15. Barbell Preacher Curl (4 x 10-12)


  17. Cable Bicep Curl  (7 x 12-15)

The high repetitions in this workout are to induce hypertrophy of the biceps and triceps. In the video, take note of my positioning. Correct form always beats out heavy weight. Bigger arms demand respect and often one of the first things you’ll notice on a guy. Perform this workout at least once a week, and watch those guns grow! With dedication, you’ll be buying bigger shirts in no time. Keep an eye on my Instagram for more tips.



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