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About a year ago, I had been quite dissatisfied with my skincare routine. Not with the process itself (remember: cleanse, tone, moisturize), but even after switching to different skincare products I was left with dull looking skin. So something needed to change. After endless hours of watching Youtube’s brightest and finest beauty gurus, I came to realize that it was time to get a cleansing device. So my research efforts continued until I stumbled across Foreo’s ad for its FOREO LUNA for MEN, a pre-shaving and facial cleansing device that uses T-Sonic (transdermal sonic) pulsations.

What can I say? I am a sucker for great marketing, so I was sold. And now I feel it’s time to share my experiences with you.

The Device

First off, let’s take a moment and appreciate the smart design. Sleek and simple, futuristic, black and manly. Compared to other devices out there, the FOEO LUNA is the visually most appealing cleansing device – without frills and claptraps. On top of that, it is completely waterproof and lightweight – the perfect companion for under the shower and on travels. Also, a full charge lasts up to 450 uses. Yes, this was not a typo, you’ve read correctly: 450 uses! Given the fact that you might use this device twice daily, it lasts up to 32 weeks (#TimCookPleaseReadThis #iPhonesNeedThisToo).

And engineered with men’s skin in mind, the design is functional as well. The brush surface features broader touch-points to cleanse men’s skin, which is usually thicker and oilier. Its silicone body is also made of ultra-hygienic, nonporous silicone that resists bacteria buildup whilst being gentle enough for daily use.

The Cleanse

So, how to use this thing? Simple! By channeling approx. 8000 T-Sonic pulsations through its silicone touch-points, the FOREO LUNA cleanses your face effectively in one minute. To do so, simply lather up your facial cleanser (avoid using silicon-, clay- or peeling cleanser). Then take the FOREO LUNA and activate its one-minute cleanse by pressing the “home button”. The FOREO LUNA will start vibrating. The buttons to the left and right let you choose between 8 different speed settings. Personally, I prefer the fastest speed as I feel it gives me a deeper cleanse. In your mind, divide your face into 4 zones (forehead and temples, left cheek, right cheek, and nose). Start massaging your first zone with the FOREO LUNA. After 15 seconds the device will “stutter”, indicating that you can move to the next zone. That’s it. Press the home button again and you are all set. If you want to use the Anti-Aging Mode, press the home button again. The FOREO LUNA will start giving off lower-frequency pulsations that, when applied to areas that are prone to wrinkles, are supposed to leaves the skin looking younger and more energized. To clean the device, run it under water (and occasionally clean it with soap as well). Et Voilà.

The Bottom Line

According to FOREO, the FOREO LUNA for MEN removes 99.5% of dirt and oil and preps the skin for a more comfortable shave that also helps prevent razor burn. From my experiences, my skin actually feels a lot smoother and cleaner compared to washing my face with my bare hands. As I usually dry shave my beard (leaving designer stubble) I can’t share any experiences as to whether the FOREO LUNA delivers a more comfortable shave.

A down-side to this product is its high price. However, you should bear in mind that these acquisition cost cover everything. If you opt for a e.g. Clarisaonic, you will have follow-up cost in terms of pricey replacement brush heads.

So, obviously, this is a nice-to-have gadget in your bathroom. You certainly will survive without it. But if you happen to be looking for a facial cleansing brush anyways, I definitely recommend the FOREO LUNA for MEN.

What are your experiences with the FOREO LUNA for MEN? Let us know! 😉


This article originally appeared on HisUrbanEsprit.com.

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