10 Places to Meet Your Next Boyfriend

You have a decent or even great bod, a wonderful smile followed by a killer sense of humor. You take pride in your wit and neatness. All in all, you’re what most would call “the whole package,” yet you’ve been going through a dating slump for quite a while and bars are just not cutting it anymore. If you’re fresh out of ideas and are looking for something real, despair not, because there are tons of places where you can still find an amazing guy, so get #woofd and get your dating mojo back.


This isn’t exactly a dating app, but it has major potential. If you see someone you like, then double tap their pics, and post a witty comment on their Insta story. One comment can spark a conversation, and before you know it, you’re chatting all the time and making plans to meet.


You may think it’s silly, but forums are actually a goldmine for meeting likeminded people. If you’re a fan of a certain band, a book or a TV series, join a forum. Not only will you find an abundance of people with the same interests as you, but you might actually catch someone’s eye.

Dating Apps

Sure, dating apps have been getting a bad rep as their only power is to getting you a one night stand. Still, there are decent guys on those platforms who are looking for something more. You’ve got nothing to lose, so give Scruff, Grindr, Bro or OKCupid a chance. If they don’t work for you, you can always deactivate your profile, but be patient and you just may find the man of your dreams.

Dance Your Way to Romance

You can never have too many hobbies, so why not join a dance class? Aside from improving your moves on the dance floor and getting a good workout, attending adult dance classes are a great way to meet someone. Perhaps you’ll be teamed up for a routine with a really cute guy, and after the class, you two can get to know each other over coffee.  

The gym

Ok, this is perhaps corny, but it works. Gyms are packed with cute guys, so don’t press the snooze button the next time you hear your alarm. Put on your best gear, go exercise and when you see a guy you find attractive, offer to help him with a routine. You can spot him, or ask for workout tips. Just start talking and let it happen spontaneously.


The number of people interested in photography is on the rise; everyone seems to be purchasing a camera these days. Use Google and find a photography workshop and sign up. However, you should have a genuine interest in photography; otherwise, you run the risk of coming off as a desperate lurker.

Join a Cause

Gays are giving, generous and involved in gay causes. Get involved in a cause close to your heart, be it cancer, HIV/AIDS-related and even civil rights. A great number of these throw galas and fundraisers which are amazing places to find a guy. People tend to get dolled up for these types of events, so put your best look forward and catch every eye.


Perhaps you think the Pride Parade is silly; everyone is covered in glitter and dancing in skimpy outfits. If that’s not your scene, you don’t have to do the whole ‘Pride getup’. Just dress like yourself and attend it. With so many gay guys at the event, someone’s bound to catch your eye, and vice versa.

Professional organizations

Whether you’re a lawyer, a doctor, or anything else, chances are there’s a professional organization with a gay-focused subdivision. They often put together mixers, so your only job is to find the organization close to your profession. Start mingling with people who share your professional interests, and see where it takes you.


Ok, this one can really sound outdated. The thought of trolling for men on Facebook can seem a bit desperate, but it’s actually not when you do it right. Don’t just try to strike up a conversation with any random guy, instead, type “gay single dating” into Facebook’s search box and see what comes up. Keep in mind that there are thousands of guys just like you, who are looking for a meaningful relationship, and if they can put themselves out there, so can you.


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