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5 Things to Consider When Planning a Body Transformation

Transforming your body. It’s easy, right? Some go for the pulsing ab belt. Others reach for a fad diet or a “magic pill.” Being tempted by a quick fix is normal. I won’t deny that I haven’t looked for one. But transformation is exactly what it is – transformation. Spoiler Alert: It’s going to take work. Science-based, proven fitness plans will give you the results you want. They’ll give you a roadmap, but paths can vary. You have to figure out what works for you. We all have different starting points, goals, willingness and ability to put in the required effort.

A total body transformation is damn hard. Ask anyone who’s done it. It’s arguably of one the toughest things someone can do. Our bodies are a reflection of what we do on a daily basis. And to change your body, daily focus, sweat and hard work is the only thing that’ll get you there.


5 Things to Consider Before You Begin a Body Transformation:


1. Set Realistic Goals
Perfectly Instagrammed images are not reality. A lot of images are from photoshoots that athletes have worked toward for months – and specifically dieted for. Don’t compare them to your beach snaps. Set goals that are realistic. You don’t want start feeling like you’ve failed. A negative first experience will make it tough the next time around. If your goal is a healthier life, take small steps and understand that incremental improvements over a period of time will give you better results. Be consistent. You’ll get there.


2. Put Your Health First
You’ve heard this already in my introduction. Quick fixes won’t work long term and can damage your health. You have to adapt to a lifestyle. When you’re younger, you think your body’s bullet proof, but a crash diet to lose five kg in three weeks isn’t worth it. Chances are these unsustainable practices will have you right where you started sooner than you know. Well balanced, nutritious meals are so important. Your body needs the fuel to grow and develop. Under eating is just as bad as over eating.


3. Be Kind To Yourself
You’re not as chubby as you think you are. I promise. I look at my selfies or at myself in the mirror and all I see are the pockets of fat or imperfections. We MUST stop doing this. Don’t compare yourself to a professional athlete. Eat better. Work out. The results will come proportionally. You do not need to turn your diet into a punishment. The obsession with ultra-low calorie diets and denying ourselves entire macronutrients is archaic and not necessary. If you need a ‘cheat day’ you’re probably not being kind to yourself. Do you feel like you should be rewarded for your eating? Then maybe it’s a burden. Plan your nutrition so that the things you enjoy eating aren’t excluded.

4. It Takes Time
This is a lifelong process. Understand that you are making adjustments for the rest of your life. If you’re not willing to do it, then the intervention might be too great. I happen to be an extreme person, so I train extremely hard and often. I’ve made that a part of my life. Like I said, there’s no quick fix.


5. Get Support
In an ideal world, we would all have personal trainers, dieticians and chefs. For most of us, that’s not a reality. Employ professionals where you can. Find an online coach or a personal trainer to get you going. Join a Facebook group of likeminded people. Focus on getting help where you think your weakness lies – whether it’s training or eating. Finally, find a support structure. You’re not alone.

I’ll wrap it up, but I’ve got to leave you with something…

You don’t need a Monday or end of the month to start taking care of yourself. Start today. There’s never going to be “easy” or “good” time. Dedicate yourself and you’ll get results.



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